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August 07, 2014


Cheryl Huerta

It just makes one want to pull their hair out OR better yet find the idiots who think bans keep the public safe and pull their freakin' hair out!

Here's an anecdote for you. Yesterday afternoon I gave a presentation at the Oregon Humane Society to their summer camp program of high school age kids. It was the last presentation of five (two last winter and three this summer) I've given at the humane society. About three quarters of the way through my presentation that wasn't just a speech but was a PowerPoint presentation a young lady raised her hand to ask a question. When acknowledged what she said floored me. Not because it didn't make any sense but because it was so logical it hurt and what floored me was the fact that if a teenager can grasp the concept then why can't adults; especially adults who are in authority and/or governing bodies.

What this brilliant young lady said was, "So please explain to me how anyone with any common sense at all can support something like BSL. It just doesn't make any sense!"


Rather disappointing for Reynoldsburg, a suburb of Columbus which is generally a fairly forward-thinking university town.


I was explaining BSL & it`s impact to a Neighbour.Her 8 yr old son spoke up & said the same thing almost verbatim Cheryl.He immediately got it long before his Mother sort of got it.

Cat Kellogg

Do pedifiles live there? (of course they do) Do animal abusers live there? (of course they do)
Why are you being so narrow minded about a breed? Do you allow Rottweilers? Did you know there jaws are more powerful than a Pit. What about trained attack dogs.... several breeds. you allow them. I have a Pit bull. We adopted and rescued him. He was abused by his owner. He is afraid of EVERYTHING.... and you would ban him. Any wife beaters where you are? Of course their are and the wives or girlfriends hid it. You need to learn more about this beautiful breed of dog. They will do anything to please you.

Roberta Ross

Apparently they did not do their homework. If the breed pit bull was not the actual name of the breed but another name altogether would that make a difference in how people feel? Do they feel this way because of the notoriety of the breed due to ignorant stupid uncaring people using this breed to fight? What if Dobermans or German Shepherds were used for fighting then would a ban be in place for them instead of the pit bull? I have a pit bull and he is a most loving good natured boy who prefers to bask in the sun and lay on the couch. I have a German Shepherd who is highly motivated and goes crazy around other dogs and new people until she is comfortable with them. The Pit I trust him with dogs and people. It amazes me how judgmental people can be just because of a name. I am so tired of seeing the pit bull breed damned because of dog fighting. So I say again these people did not do their homework had they, they would have seen the pit bull is not the most likely dog to bite.

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