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July 24, 2014



Yet another case of journalistic malpractice to make trouble where none should exist. Years ago that kind of hysteria caused lawmakers to write feel good laws to make them think they were protecting the public. Good for Lisa Rasmussen and people with common sense.


I think 2 things: 1) extinction burst (because BSL really is on its way out) and 2) "reporters" know if they write about pit bulls in this kind of mindless way, they'll get attention and clicks...


Your sentence in this article is confusing/incorrect" "Davis compares Wausua (which has breed-neutral legislation) with neighboring communities such as Antigo and Greenwood -- which do."

I think you meant to say "don't"

Antingo and Greenwood don't have breed-neutral - they have BSL


You are correct Dan. Fixed.


A couple of years ago, my wife and I put in a "no skydiving" policy for our family. Nobody in our family was interested in skydiving in the first place, but ever since we've put in the policy nobody in our family has gone skydiving. So it's been a complete success.


It`s no wonder they continue to write these pit bull articles.

A recent column by Ontario`s version of DBite garnered 300+ comments.

Why wouldn`t they write them?

I`m not going to give the link because I don`t want to promote her.

When will people stop reacting?
I think they should stop.
Am I wrong?


Congrats Joel on the success of keeping your family safe!

Jamie -- in many cases I think you are correct. Especially for editorial columns, clear trash & bash pieces on online-only sites, etc. And I never, ever, comment on these things.

But some news sources should actually do real reporting and real journalism, and sometimes they do need to be shamed for it. It's a fine line, but I tend to ignore most of them more than comment.


Jamie, those folks can continue to insult and post misinformation, and the websites love the clicks and traffic, but a bunch of name-calling in comments of an article doesn't amount to much.

And in the real world of animal welfare and advocacy, these groups don't have much sway. They can continue to post whatever they want, while the good guys are out actually working with dogs and helping to evolve animal welfare. Would I rather be a) pointlessly arguing with some stranger on a website, or b) volunteering at my local shelter? I reckon I'll take option B.


We've just had a similar happening where I live with feral cats. One particular neighborhood has seen an increase in feral cats and wants someone to come on over and take care of the problem. The local news media picked up on it, interviewed some neighborhood man who spouted all the old wives tales about ferals (and there are many owned free roamers there) and now there are others who heard that who want their TNR'd ferals gone. The news piece was prejudiced from the opening - a photo of an angry hissing cat - and the negative tone was apparent through the entire piece. They never bothered to contact the rescue who is very involved with feral cat care and TNR to get accurate information. It has riled up a whole lot of folks! And the media could have done a good job of actually informing and educating people. Now cats will likely die because of it. The local ac traps and kills!


Brent, I hope you sent your article to the Wausau Daily Herald, with copies to Mr. Davis and to his editor (and maybe the publisher!). They likely don't have the stones to print something pointing out the fallacy in Davis' piece, but still, perhaps they might pause and think before they write/print something similar in the future.


You do a great job of shaming them on your Blog Brent.
It`s the nasty comments in response to the nasty articles that drive me crazy.
I need to just stop looking at them.
Time better spent with Fostering etc as Joel pointed out.


Kate -- I did not send anything to the newspaper itself. You can feel free to, but like you said, I doubt they'd have the guts to retract anything they've said.


BSL has not stopped ONE bite or ONE dog related death but it has driven the breeds underground into the hands of the fighters and people who DO want to make them dangerous!. These laws should be influenced by a mix of vets and animal behaviorists. The rate of dog bites compared with vehicle related deaths and injuries is still miniscule. Every second somewhere in the world someone is killed or injured by a vehicle. Cars, Lorries, Mopeds, Motorbikes, even cycles, cause many more horrific injuries and deaths than dogs ever could. Yet I hear no talk about toughening up laws relating to alcohol levels for driving or other diving related laws or talking about banning vehicles!.

Truth is ANY dog can bite, any PET can bite, even a hamster can severely injure a child as when they bite, they don't let go either, I know from my own experience and still have the scar from a oh so cute Syrian hamster!. Hit a small child's artery with those teeth and that's a child bleeding out! could be just as fatal as a dog bite NO joke!

Better EDUCATION will help, in schools, even nurseries. Dogs known to be safe can be bought in leashed, someone can sit the children down in a circle and teach the children how to behave around the dog, what NEVER to do, and what TO do when around a dog, e.g never approach a stranger's dog without first asking your parent/guardian and the dog's owner if it is alright. Even I, at 28 always ask the owner if I can stroke their dog, it's common sense. Children are not stupid, and primary school age children learn very quickly.

Sites like familypaws can help too.

Spaying and neutering is NOT a bad thing, it prevents unwanted puppies and kittens in the case of cats. I got my cat neutered before I let him out so he could not father any unwanted kittens. If you Spay/Neuter you are HELPING animals to stay out of shelters and off death row.

I am hoping to get a staffy next year, I may be able to get him certified as a service dog as I am disabled, but I would also like to take him round hospitals and hospices, schools etc, bringing comfort to people and children in need of it. All he needs to do is be fully vaccinated and pass an obedience test, then I get a certificate and a permit which allows me to do this.

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