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July 23, 2014


Cheryl Huerta

As usual my friend you are singing my song. Hopefully sooner or later more and more understandingly cautious but more like paranoid shelter/rescue staff will open their minds and their shelter/rescues. The dogs don't care about the details or worry about if they will be with that new family for ever...all they know is that the having a family is much better than being in the shelter.

Next on the list of things some of us need to accomplish and to get the rest of us on board with is how shelters are operated in regard to how many dogs deteriorate in them and often end up euthanized for behavioral issues that they never had until they came into the shelter. If we are going to go around saying that the WORST thing anyone could do to a dog is to surrender it to a shelter then we desperately need to take a very close look at how we are running our shelters and what we can do to make it a positive experience for the animals who end up in them.

Thanks again for a very well written and quite useful blog!


A "humane society" in our area has no published adoption policies and there are enough stories about adoption turn-downs as you discuss here to fill a book.

It's been brought to the public's attention but the director doesn't make any fact threatens legal action against those who criticize.

To add insult to injury they have a euthanasia rate of over 50% that's held since 2012. The public is blamed for irresponsibility as a cause for all the issues.

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