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July 10, 2014



It sounds as though somebody has written a piece that is well thought out. I will try to find a copy of the mag tomorrow - I hope this runs in Canada.


I was very impressed with this article. can be a tough read, but it's open, it's honest and it's thorough. We love our dogs but we have to stop insisting that they are perfect and can do no wrong. They can. And in his story a 10 year old knew that better than an adult..that's saying something. I didn't agree with everything he said, but my experience is also different than his, so that can be why. I admire him for writing this though.


Selma, I will scan and send it to you if you can't find it in CN or online.


Agreed Kristy. I particularly like the section where he notes that we have basically narrowed the window on what constitutes responsible pet ownership so tight that no one can live up to it (in much better language than what I just used there). And yes, the 10 year old knowing better than the adults did show a connection there that was really telling.


I have a dog that's likely part Pittie, but she's enough of a mix of everything else that she doesn't raise eyebrows here in (Chicago) suburbia. However, when I foster more Pittie-looking Pitties, I've gotten a few rude & ignorant comments from people. I had one woman come up to me & tell me what a negligent mother I was to allow a PIT BULL around my young children. I told her that my kids have been around scores of dogs in their lifetimes & the only one that ever tried to hurt one of my kids was a tiny little Yorkie. And, with all due respect, I'd much rather my kids were around any breed of dog than a human spewing ignorance!
Overwhelmingly, though, we have gotten a positive reception, or at least, an interested one. A few times, parents & kids have petted one of my Pittie fosters, gushed about what a sweet dog she/he is, then asked: "What kind of dog is s/he, anyway?" When I say pit bull, they respond: "Really? That's a pit bull? But, s/he's so friendly/gentle/sweet/cute!" This has started some good conversations about stereotypes, media coverage, BSL, & so on.
If anyone gets a chance to scan the article, I would love to read it. Thank you in advance, fellow dog lovers!



Keep an eye out on this blog (or on the blog's facebook page). I'm sure the article will be posted on the Esquire website at some point and I will definitely link to it when it is made available. Because of copywrite infringement, I'm usually not the biggest fan of scanning and posting articles like this...

Karen F

Esquire has previewed Junod's story by posting his print piece from 2002 about the death of his dog, "Marco Died."

Park a box of tissues next to you before you start reading.


here's the article online

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