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June 26, 2014





THIS glass of weak tea is what TIME deigned to print:

The problem with TIME's article has nothing to do with the dogs, but everything to do with TIME's notion of what's printable... as you outline in your blog


You are still my hero Brent. Sometimes I wish we could fire people from the internet. I'd start with Colleen, follow with Merritt and then that stupid Lori Wilson/Darrell Stephens/Thomas McCartney nightmare who is the copy/paste queen but can't hold an intelligent conversation to save her life.

Kim Krohn

I have a dream that one day all these stupid people will be dead.


These sorts of columns have to be like shooting fish in a barrel for Brent.

The reality is that more and more people are getting clued in to the level of accuracy in the data and conclusions reached by Clifton and his crew. They're becoming bigger punch lines every time they put their name on something.

Be thankful that this is the face of the pro-BSL movement. In the big picture they're actually helping BSL become a thing of the past.

The Time article is bad enough that the magazine is basically asking groups to help them retract it.


I love this! Well done as usual. I'm glad you are always on your toes and keeping those detractors on task. One small matter (and this is only because I was a spelling editor at one point), please ask someone to proofread your work. It's really important while trying to point out another's inconsistencies when you have some errors in spelling and grammar of your own. Again, I'm completely sorry to nitpick but I just want your excellent work to be presented as flawlessly as possible. Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to reading more from you.

Cheryl Huerta

Thanks once again for putting all of the 'facts' together in one place. I do my best, as a pit bull advocate, to ignore Lynn, Merritt and any of the 'opposition' to sanity when it comes to how we as a society handle dogs. We can't change who they are, what they do or the propaganda they spread BUT we can continue to get fact based information out to the masses that will counter whatever Lynn, Merritt and their ilk continue to spread.

In the end it's my personal opinion that we can't fight them nor should we try to fight them. Because when we go against them it only makes them stronger, they put out more propaganda and spread more unsubstantiated and twisted misinformation as a reaction to our efforts. We will win the pit bull issue because Lynn, Merritt and their ilk, including the idiots in the media who don't really get it are far outnumbered by people who know the truth, live the truth every day and who understand that no breed is inherently dangerous which strongly indicates that it's the human factor that causes problems when it comes to dogs...the human factor being misinformed, uninformed, incapable and irresponsible dog owners who do not take the responsibility of owning a dog seriously enough to have complete control of their dog at all times.


Great Post as usual Brent.
I wish the people who are attacking her rather than her article would realize that that doesn't help!

Nancy you sound like you have the perfect background to help Brent if you feel he needs a Proofreader.
I believe he's pretty busy & does his best which I know we all appreciate.


There was another noteworthy propagandist you forgot to mention along with Colleen Lynn and Merritt Clifton and that is Kenneth Morgan Phillips - dog bite law 'specialist' - who is actively involved with Lynn and Clifton and their hate-fest against pit bulls.

He deserves a mention too as he is equally if not more dangerous and driven by the same rabidly prejudiced mindset in concrete.

Douglas Anthony Cooper

Bravo! A nice, rigorous analysis of a notorious propagandist.

The bogus use of statistics is particularly harmful -- people are cowed by numbers, however illegitimate.

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