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May 29, 2014



one of the good parts is incentives (not requirements) for s/n in the form of reduced license fees


Yes. That too Emily. Although I will note that the devil is always in the details on those types of laws...and since I haven't read the law, I'm hesitant to trumpet it too much.

mary mahoney

It's an encouraging read and so good to have you back on your blog. thank you.


It's good to see that lawmakers are not getting swept up in hysteria and "feel good" legislation.


It’s not an “incentive” if you have to buy it anyway. S/N is CORRELATED with responsible ownership. It doesn’t cause it. It defeats the “We feel strongly our dogs should be treated equally” point. My intact dog has never gotten loose, menaced a neighbor, or caused a litter of puppies. Charging me more for my dog will not prevent my neighbor’s neutered lab from trying to eat me or fix the hole in his fence.

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