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April 02, 2014



I don't normally cheer for yet another law being passed, but good for the states to pass common sense laws to prevent stupid laws being passed by local politicians.


Agreed Jan! But when it's a law prohibiting other types of laws I welcome it :)

Zia Bossenmeyer

Do you know if these are passed straight out or if they have the exception of mandatory spay neuter of pit bulls, like CA?


Zia -- there are no exceptions allowed in the Utah Bill. It prohibits all laws and policies related to breed by any municipal entity, and makes void all existing laws.

Here is the specific law:

Gary Collier

A success in Oregon:

dog training and behavior modification nh

Glad to know that, hopefully it will benefit certain types of dogs.

Hanna Nelson

Question. Does this mean that Apartments/Landlords can no longer restrict breeds?


Hanna -- unfortunately no. The law only applies to cities and municipal shelters.

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