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March 23, 2014



have you ever noticed bsl advocates blame us for the amount of pits in shelters.


Yes. And none of them are smart enough to realize that the more we treat them differently, the worse it gets for them.


yeah. i've also noticed that when a pit type is attacked they call it a lie.


also your blog only lets one comment go through per story.


Just got three tickets in the mail after my pit broke out of her harness and jumped the fence found her at kcpp and paid to have her spayed and registered I called around to see how much it would cost to get her spayed at a vet the lowest I found was 400 dollars which I had been saving up for now it will cost me 800 dollars I will accept the dog at large and registration tickets however I will be contacting a lawyer about the pit bull breeding ticket I got in the mail for being a responsible dog owner and picking my dog up from the shelter vs letting them take her regardless of the consequences I knew I would face what are we punishing responsibility ?? Pit bull laws are a form of racism

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