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March 22, 2014





Thanks for the great research on this and mandatory spay and neutering.


I don't know what has happened at Typepad, but I haven't had any spam since February 12. I don't just mean spam that went through, but the last one in my spam folder was February 12. You might want to get rid of you sentry.


Jan - I've been slowly lessening my settings. Ironically, the only thing in my spam filter for the past 2 months has been my own comments...

Jennifer Brighton

Wow. What an impressive and succinct list of expert opinions. Easily read and great information for someone who believes in BSL/BDL. I should say those who want to educate themselves on the subject, not those who don't want to hear anything in opposition to their own beliefs and claim all of the above organizations are in the pocket of the pit bull "nutters."


I need help. I received a 125$ fine for not having a license for my dog.

James Adams

my son has liscense rabie shots current on all vaccinations and the dog pound wants me to clip my sons nuts off like im a deadbeat dad and gone let him run away and impregnate the world of loose mutts on owned roam the streets while my kid was chained in his own yard 7 month old healthy pup so im really bothered by the situation and honestly unhappy by the choices these people make and im looking for an organization thats liscense and certifies not doing that undeniable pain to ones child please alert message call me at 8167454006 [email protected] or jamzejesse/facebook


There's also the National Canine Research Council, State Farm Insurance, Pet Professional Guild, United Kennel Club, Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals - UK (RSPCA), The Department of Justice, and American Veterinary Society of Animal
Behavior's to name just a few.

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