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March 12, 2014



rock on Brent!
The only slam dunk you didn't attempt was versus the quotes from the notorious CL and her misrepresentation of the situation in the military (housing bans) as well as the delicious possibility that the Maryland legislature is about to make any old court ruling there irrelevant.

Laurie Hoffmann

Great article, as usual. One thing I'd like to add about the Borchardt case is that, according to the police report, the babysitter had caged rabbits stacked in the hallway in the apartment. She also stated that she fed the two dogs together one cup of food twice a day. Additionally, when she came to Watertown, she stated that she gave them "good food and love" but she never mentioned training.

Cloey Jade

Another thing i would like to point out via the police report involving Borchardts son is the fact that the officers observed Iwickis dogs behaving in a predatory manner to animals that were in cages. The same animals they lived with day in and day out and should have been accustomed to. They observed them working together to try and hunt those small animals. This is very telling about their training and their prey drive. Iwicki stated that Dax began to cry and thats when they went after him. Prey drive.

Cloey Jade

Haha i see someone already pointed that out :)


Brent - could you post a link to the primary source material for those Pott. county stats? Also - if you have the Aurora stats, that would also be great.


Another person chiming in on more information concerning the Borchardt tragedy.

Both dogs were over a year behind on their vaccinations. The male had been ill/vomiting for several days prior to the attack and was not taken to see a vet.



The Pottawattamie information was provided to me via email from a respected source. Essentially the reason the numbers "3 or fewer" is because the department of health will do a "suppressed total" for all categories where the number is less than 4. So because dog bite hospitalization totals were suppressed, we know it was 3 or less, but cannot be sure on the actual number. If you go to Animal Farm Foundation's Facebook page you can see some documentation for the number, although it is less detailed there than what I received via email.

Here's the data for Aurora -- the numbers here were pulled directly from city records presented to the council:


Animal Farm Foundation posted about the Iowa statistics:
Animal Farm Foundation @Jacqueline Keidel, when we first heard that Council Bluffs was making the assertion that their statistics proved that BSL was a success, we contacted the Iowa Department of Health to collect the data directly from the source. The assertions of Council Bluffs' assistant city attorney are not reflected by the Iowa Department of Health information. The number of people who were hospitalized in Pottawattamie County was so small the numbers were suppressed to avoid incorrect reporting. The Iowa Department of Health suppresses data when the number of those hospitalized is less than 4. What this means is that 3 or fewer people were hospitalized due to dog bite related injuries in 2004 in all of Pottawattamie County, let alone Council Bluffs. And the breed of dog involved is unknown. So, there is no link to the data but a little research at the Iowa Department of Health gave us the information. Hope that helps! (unquote)

Fred Kray did a post on the Aurora statistics:


Thanks Emily....I had posted a response but apparently my spam filter filtered me. Awesome.

Cheryl Huerta

Thanks for the info Brent. The statistics for Council Bluffs you provided will make great statistics for presentations on BSL to point out why it doesn't work even when those who are implementing it says that it is working. Those statistics will make it into my presentations right beside the great ones you provided for Aurora CO.

Thanks also for the info about the Borchart case. Yes I am with you. It is tragic that any parent loses a child and tragic that the child died as a result of dogs. However it never ceases to amaze me how the anti-pit bull folks believe that they can pick and choose 'their facts' from the full 'facts' to get support for their cause. Then when we try to provide statistical data and facts, usually the facts they leave out, that can be verified we are deemed heartless, crazy pit bull lovers who are out of touch with reality.

Oh well everyone here already has been faced with that no doubt...

At any rate once again you've provided us pit bull advocates out here with some good information that we can use in our ongoing and endless argument that it isn't the dog's breed or even the dog that determines how safe or dangerous it is but it is the human being in charge of the dog that makes that determination through choosing to be a responsible dog owner or an irresponsible one.

Cheryl Huerta

By the way Brent thanks for the info on puppies taken from their mother too soon. I wasn't aware of this information and since I have a dog that was abandoned on the steps of a local shelter with two siblings, that didn't make it, at what the shelter believes was two weeks old it is great information and truly explains some of the issues we've had with our Scooby.

But maybe being ignorant of the possibilities due to his leaving his mother so early has been an advantage because we've been working with him on his issues and have gotten a long way with him. But it's always nice to know why he might have had those issues to begin with. To make matters worse he was 'raised' by the cat lady at the shelter which I don't think was a good first choice but it's water under the bridge now.


Thanks for the info Brent. Is there more recent data from Aurora available? I've seen the older data, but was hoping to find something that covered 2011, 12, 13...


Marc, unfortunately I do not have more current data....I feel like I've seen it somewhere, but at this point I don't have it in my files....


If any new statistics on Aurora (or other locations in Colorado) are available, the folks at will have them


Marc -- I've found them. I'll post some updated numbers in the next day or two....


Excellent... thanks!


Now how about gett them legalized in Prince George's county? Pls


So glad I found you! I'm in. Animal control in Council Bluffs just told my 86 year old mother that they are going to take her pit away...breaks my heart. He means so much to her...and she has suffered so many losses in the past few years. I wish we could change something in the six days they have left together.

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