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February 21, 2014



Great analysis, Brent. It really does highlight the vacuousness of the promoters of breed bans.

You did miss MY favorite part of their testimony: that HSUS cited their animal control ordinance as a model (implying that HSUS supports BSL).

So the local HSUS director wrote to the City Council noting that their recognition of the ordinance was for the version BEFORE BSL was added and no, HSUS doesn't support breed bans.

Not only is Aurora AC vacuous, they are stone cold liars. (though the explanation for citing something so easily and effectively refuted could be..... sheer stupidity)


Yeah, I like that the ordinance was referred to as a "national model by HSUS and NACA in 2004 (before the ban was in place. So in response, they changed the law to something that was no longer a national model. I mean, really well played.

Nancy Tranzow

The HSUS state representative had come in late and did not hear that comment. When we left, I informed her of what they said and asked if we could receive a letter disputing that. She had it to our group the next day. They have been incredibly supportive of our efforts and we truly appreciate that. We just received bite records for the 2011-2013 years, and not shocking, the rates continue to increase. This has much more to do with ACC not wanting to make the effort to work to "care" for animals in their mission to, "care and control." We have one city council member, CM Legare who openly dismissed DBO as a reputable, un-biased source. We did provide all CMs with packets containing empirical, fact based and peer reviewed research. We can only hope they have taken the time to review these packets and see that neither ACC, nor the city itself, has credible reasons to keep these laws intact. Unfortunately, they will get the last work as no one but ACC is allowed to present at study session. A biased process if there ever was one. We're here for the long run and if they cannot find to courage to move forward and create a safe, humane Aurora, we'll help them find it next year. Thank you so much for all your reports Brent.

Nancy Tranzow
Founder/President; ColoRADogs


I got the dog bite numbers as well with my FOI request. And will try to post those numbers tomorrow.


Looks like somebody emailed somebody for some quick bullet points they could copy and paste into a document.

Cheryl Huerta

This is an AWESOME blog Brent. Thanks a ton. It presents so much verifiable information against BSL that I can't help but share it with my contact on the Medford Oregon city council who is at this moment in advisory committee discussions on whether or not their city will implement a breed ban. The great news is that my contact on the council seems to be dead set against BSL and after a fashion, after all of his research on the issue of aggressive dogs an BSL, is I think becoming quite a pit bull advocate in his own right. He is clear that he's against a ban and that most of his fellow council members agree. That's the good news but it never does any harm to keep on it and to keep providing good information such as what is in this blog to those faced with the BSL decision.

Thanks again. I will put this to very good use!!!

Cheryl Huerta

By the way I'd strongly suggest that anyone else out there currently advocating for pit bulls in that they are working with a municipality to avoid BSL provide this blog to those in authority who will be making the decision. It never hurts for them to have a peek into a possible future for them should they choose to implement BSL in their community. Aurora CO I think is the perfect example of all of the reasons why a community should NOT implement BSL!!!


I believe that there should be NO BAN on any specific breed of dog anywhere. A lot of information that gets passed around is bogus, lies, unsubstantiated innuendos , and plain bigotry towards specific breeds without even basic knowledge of what they are talking about.


Great post, it highlights the need for more understanding when it comes to breeds like the pit bull. They have an undeserved bad reputation.

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