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February 04, 2014



I would go way further than you.
They're not telling "half truths".
They're lying.
They know what the statistics are.


That's fair.

How about:

"Using a shred of truth to lie and mislead in spite of overwhelming information to the contrary."


Thanks for this. I have been sharing in Colorado with advocates working for the repeal.

Nancy Tranzow

Thanks so much for the great blog (as usual). We have faith that facts will win out, and are working round the clock to turn the tide for both pit bull owners, and in need communities in Colorado. If people would like to see updates, and actions for advocates they can go to:

Thank you so much for the fact filled blogs. We follow each and every one!

Nancy Tranzow
Founder/President: ColoRADogs


Errors of omission are still lies. It's good to see that common sense may be replacing hysteria in some cities.

Karen Batchelor

We follow you too, Nancy. You're doing a GREAT job too.

It's thanks to people like you and Brent that we're finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

We can't bring back all of those innocent dogs but we can hold legislators to account and the robots that carry out their deadly policies along with them.

Their needlessand totally unjustified deaths should not go unnoticed.


Breed bans are a form of regressive and ineffective legislation. I agree that taxpayers and residents of affected communities should be made aware of this.

Effective v. Ineffective Laws -


speaking of lies, this is priceless... Aurora Animal Control asserted in their presentation to the City Council that HSUS regards their ordinance as a model.

Maybe not so much..

from the latest update on Coloradogs:

Stupidity or lie? Maybe both.

If I were on the Aurora city council, I would ignore everything their animal control says in the future.

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