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February 05, 2014



Great news! Is there currently any action or discussion going on in the KC Metro area? (KCK, OP, Leawood, etc)? All of the repeals we are seeing are obviously fueled by members of the community, and I'm just wondering what the story is here in KC.


Those other areas are not being ignored. There have been other areas that have been more open to discussions, but yes, all are on the radar.


Thanks for the info, Brent. I saw in a recent article from one of the KC Metro areas, a comment from a commissioner about the need for "more citizens to bring concerns to the table" in order for the BSL to be looked at. Would petitions of some sort, from large amounts of residents in these areas be useful? Like I said, I don't know what has been done in the past or what is currently being discussed. Just wondering if this would be a viable option, in order for these city council members to start taking another look.

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