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January 17, 2014


Dog hero

Brent don' just thank me thank misswoohoo the bsl advocate that posted this

Dog hero

Also what do you think of the pick the pit tests.

Dog hero

Also the thing about the possibility all dog bite fatalities are not reported just scares me who knows. if somehow there were many more dbrf's and if they were caused by dogs that are not pitbulls then either people will sadly blame other breeds or find dog neutral laws. and make people learn more about dog safety


Another good blog. Of course it's obvious to us, but I like the way this was presented.

I'm also liking the DBO part, I admit it! If I had a bunch of money to spend, I'd take out a full page ad quoting that bit in a few papers with reach.

Karen Batchelor

Don't worry Selma, DBO is doing the death by a thousand cuts thing. Every time Colleen Lynn's 'statistics' are quoted by the media we advocates speak up and point out to the media source concerned and readers the facts of the matter.

The comments that the Bonner Springs advisory committee have published are openly critical of Lynn's tactics which has added to our arsenal.

Dog hero

karen yeah the fact that even counts as an attack shows how desperate bsl advocates get. they seem to look for the smallest things to go against pits. i wonder what they will want on air next. perhaps p a pit jumping up on someone or "shaking someone up".

Dog hero

brent what do you think of this

Dog hero

well here is a bsl advocate belief


A sad anniversary January 25th: Please remember Nick and Rocco, urge people to help reform their local community in memory of them and so many others others. This should not happen. .

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