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January 02, 2014


Dog hero

great job brent and may this year be a great one for pits and their owners.


Thanks for all the material Brent, I enjoy your content and the discussion in the comments. I only wish you posted more often but of course you (and the rest of us) have many commitments in life.


Thanks Joel. I wish I had time to post more often also. Trying to work on a solution to that for 2014....but so far off to a bad start.

Dog hero

You know the more i think about it the less believable bsl is. i mean for the majority of the 100 or so years pitbulls have existed the only real problems started about 30 years ago. Maybe it's the people think breeder standards who knows? I just know that for a change to happen like that it cannot be the breed.

Dog hero

I figured out how bsl advocates get their kicks. and why they seem so self righteous.

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