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January 15, 2014



Great news!

Not good news... “Dogs stolen from animal shelter, officials fear dog fighters involved”.

“…Over the course of the last [TWO] months, this same facility has been broke into [FIVE] times and nine pit bulls have disappeared – the shelter employees believe that all of the break-ins are all related.”

No duh? So what’s with their security, or is it an inside job?

Don’t know if they have a pibble ban there, but places that do report the black market value per dog jumps about 5 times with BSL in place.

Dog hero

well guys here is some more bsl craziness

what do you think?


Ok, that video is ridiculous. Thanks for sharing (it just made it into my most recent blog post). I can't help but laugh at the injury the kid sustained from the "attack". I sure hope he recovers. Meanwhile, there are loose dogs EVERYWHERE in the video, and somehow the only two that are actually fenced appropriately are the ones that are the focus of the video. Truly bizarre.

Dog hero

well you know bsl advocates they will look for anything to discredit pits. i will be honest chihuahua's could do way worse than that. if you want i can help keep you updated. on any videos that show these "attacks" or obvious things in them that could have prevented the situation.

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