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December 13, 2013


Cheryl Huerta

Thanks so much for sharing this Brent. Am sharing around everywhere I feel it's needed.

This is critical information in the ongoing efforts of so many to educate the public about pit bulls and/or breed specific legislation.

Harriet Chagnon

Would that the media would publicize your article as prominently as they feature any negative news about cases involving pit bulls!

H. Houlahan

Wait, what?

So you are endorsing the position that the correct "expert" opinion is that there is no difference between breeds or lineages of dogs in regards to aggression?

So the Marines should just get flat-coated retrievers to accompany Special Forces on raids, right?

And a family with young kids and no dog experience should definitely go out and buy a Presa Canario for their first fun pet?


H -- You sure jumped a whole bunch of steps to make that assumption...

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