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December 30, 2013



Getting rid of Larry and replacing him with someone smarter would help.

But if they want to use the bond system, why do people have to pay up-front? Why can't they just sign a surety? Up here, for example, if I pay somone's bail, I just sign an agreement to pay up if they skip. In this case, skipping would also solve the problem, wouldn't it?

I think the world really is going mad.


It is unjust and totally inhumane to judge a being on the way it looks. The humans that make their dogs aggressive should be held accountable - should they be rounded up and jailed also (and euthanized when it becomes too overcrowded to house them)? The humane thing to do is return those targeted breeds of dogs (living beings) to their loving homes and judge only those along with their humans that are aggressive. Once we begin to hold the humans accountable for mistreating, abusing and teaching their pets aggressive behavior, the aggressive behavior will stop. Please rethink this inhumane decision.

Megan Loyd

I didn't know the dogs were held for trial. I had a terrible incident happen to my husband and me in November. The Garland County Animal Services killed a Pitbull that my husband and I wanted to adopt but weren't allowed to because of his breed. He wasn't violent. He was in there for being abandoned on a rental property with no food or water. He died even though he had a home that wanted him. Because of his breed.


If any person is in doubt about how dangerous pit bulls can be, just Google about them and read about all the innocent children who have been attacked by a family pet, which just happened to be the family pit bull. we love our children???



Everyone here loves people and wants people to be protected.

However, what research, science, and experts across various fields have proven time and again is that pit bulls are not more dangerous than other dogs and that targeting them with laws does NOT make communities safer.

Google is only as valuable as the person using it. If you type "Labrador attacks" into google you will get very different results than "Labrador, family pet". Same is true for pit bulls. I could find literally millions of stories of pit bulls as great family pets that never hurt anyone.

Anecdotes aren't data. And google is not a replacement for the opinions of experts in the field: including animal control officers, veterinarians, humane organizations, dog trainers etc.

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