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November 19, 2013



Look, dog safety comes down to scary pictures, indignant outrage, pseudo-scientific rants and breed bans. I don't know why people are wasting time talking about learning dog behavior and supervising your child and dogs together.


When you put it that way, all of this learning stuff does seem like a lot of work.


It is quite a hill to climb to assume that most all parents could be taught to recognize "dog" behaviors in the real every body busy world. Don't get me wrong is a great idea and applies to all breeds just don't know how you ever get there. That is why at least as it relates to small children I prefer to have a dog (or any animal) in the house that is not physically capable of causing significant damage to a child. Just seems prudent for those with small kids other arguments aside.


Randy, I guess I disagree. Our shelter has had more than its fair share of small dogs surrendered for biting the children -- and many of them have been facial injuries that have resulted in permanent scarring.

I guess my expectation would be that when parents have children, they have a bit of reading to do to learn how to raise the child. If they have a dog, and a child, a little bit of reading will be required about how to manage that reaction and understanding dog behavior. They don't have to be dog trainers, they just need to understand a handful of basic warning signals and behaviors. And I think a lot of the onus is on the animal welfare community to not just say "always watch your dog/child interactions" -- we also need to tell them what they actually need to be looking for.

Cheryl Huerta

YES, YES, YES... If one doesn't know the signs that ALL dogs give us how can they stop anything??? BRILLIANT!

I will pass this on for sure!

Thanks Brent for another useful tidbit!

Dog hero

insightful thank you

Dog hero

you should do a break down of some of the recent dog attacks and put the link on a comment or email to misswoohoo11


Fair point Brent. I guess to be absolutely safe would need to eliminate small "nippy" dogs from the house hold too, lol. Yep, knowledge of behavior and warning signs would be a BIG help for any parent too.


I had much the same reaction, Brent! Initially I was like, "What is this article? As if supervision isn't the answer!", and then was pleasantly surprised and very happy with the article overall - so much so that I've shared it on pretty much all my social media outlets.

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