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November 27, 2013


Dog hero

Excellent read also would you checkout this post i put on youtube well comments under jake brandon


It seems like we have so many laws passed by politicians for the "feel good" effect without any basis in fact.

Dog hero

well you know how they are so busy taking our money. and trying to legally control us. they are too busy to find real solutions.

Dog hero

Hey brent is the ncrc really a good source or is it like but for the pro pitbull . if it is not then how come they do not bring it on the news the way they do dogsbite. also would you mind directing me to some unbiased sources. it's not that there is anything wrong with the site but I would prefer some sources proving pitbulls are not dangerous to people or that it is the owners along with a variety of others like proof of bsl's failure. because something i think bsl advocates forget is that fatalities should not be counted as for the simple fact they are not constant like just because an area had a pitbull attack does not mean it will happen again. also some sources explaining fatalities. effects of restricting dog breeds and mandatory spay and neuter. sorry if this is too much but i figured for my research i would start here. thank you. after this i might do some more research of pitbulls first hand at my local humane society.

Dog hero

can you do a post on breed misidentification soon

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