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November 22, 2013



Hopefully the change in BSL laws will be in tandem with good "owner" laws as I suspect the "bad" owners are what got us here in the first place.


Agreed...and it was definitely irresponsible owners that caused us to get here....although, in Aurora's case, it was probably more of a fear of "bad owners' that caused the problem...

Nancy Tranzow

Well said. We agree that it had, and still does have, more to do with the fear of the "types" of owners than the dogs. That and a collective knee jerk reaction of areas surrounding Denver as they hoped to keep "those people" with "those dogs" out of their own communities. What people often don't know is since 2011, dogs with less than 50% pit bull have been allowed in the city limits. Yet we don't see a sudden influx of pit bull mix attacks. It's a funny thing those numbers.....

Dog hero

Nancy i agree i was commenting with this bsl advocate but the problem was he had no proof pits are more dangerous. just that bad people owned them and based his thing on that he had some good sites too.

Nancy Tranzow

We unfortunately hear this all to often in many areas of Colorado. I've always insisted that it has much more to do with the 'isms in our communities than the dogs. They are simply a lightening rod for social issues and stereotypes that scare people.

Dog hero

Well knowledge's greatest enemy is ignorance. If they cannot understand then we have to make sure they do not spread their ignorance to others like the disease it is.

emma coutant

they say since the ban, bites have increased. Could this be because of the ban? People know certain dogs are banned so will show fear or lash out causing the dog to protect itself or their owner. I know I have to very docile dogs but would defend me if I was threatened and they are not on the ban list.
They need to get their head out of their butt and get rid of the ban all over, not just in Aurora..which by the way was where my daughter was born 31 years ago. It was a nice town at one time.


Do you have any idea how much $ they spent enforcing the policy and slaughter innocent dogs?

Teresa Kuhl

I have seen a number of 'bad dogs'. However, the problem was never associated with the breed: Much of the time, the problem was in fact the owner. Perhaps if the laws were to target bad owners, safety would increase.

sandra quinn

I used to think that certain breeds were dangerous .but I have realised its mostly the bad owners there should b heavy sentances for owners found guilty of mistreating,or training their dogs to b violent for any reason its evident these people don't have a clue what they r doing & to just slaughter animals for their breed is outrageous.u should not b in your jobs or b paid for something u know nothing about,shame on u,over halve the idiots in power should b put down


This law should be repealed . All breeds can be vicious, but it depends on how the dogs were raised. A breed shouldn't be singled out. Most of the pits in shelters are KILLED because of their breed, which is wrong.

Dog hero

You know i think there should be more studies on pitbulls. I mean even though less than one percent of pitbulls it still seems that they want more no matter what information you give them

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