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November 15, 2013



I am encouraged that both sides got equal time, Brent. Because there was a time when OUR side wouldn't have had the opportunity to even speak. It shows that we are slowly moving forward across this country and that there is a definite shift occurring.

As for the conspiracy theories, they never cease to amaze me in what they come up with. It's just getting crazier and crazier - and it's still not supporting their claims. Dog fighters indeed. I also am amused by the claim that vets are part of the conspiracy because they make so much money treating dog fighting victims. Because both winners and losers are taken to the vet to be treated after EVERY fight, right? (insert eye roll)


The conspiracy theories are pretty creative for sure. It's just funny that somehow they've convinced themselves that dogfighters paying everyone off is more likely than the fact that experts disagree with them.

I just continue to frustrated that people with websites and google are so often treated as the same type of experts as people with real dog training, handling, care or health expertise.

I guess I better start reading up on space travel so I can become an expert in space travel...

Dog hero

wow bsl is even crazier than i thought.


Thanks for the writeup Brent.

I continue to maintain that the breed neutral folks have absolutely nothing to fear from open dialogue, or these type of pro-con debates. The pro-BSL crowd should certainly have their voice, because it takes very little to discredit their arguments and tactics. More and more people are seeing this.

I'm quite comfortable with the dogsbite crowd representing the pro-BSL argument. They're creating more "pit nutters" every time they speak.


Joel, I agree that they're easy to discredit and I don't fear open dialogue. And agree that most people are now getting it. But I can't help but think our time could be better spent on teaching more about dog behavior/warning signs, about not removing dogs from litters too young, etc vs having the same tired debate over and over....

Bennet Watson

Sweet post, as usual.

The "Dog fighting" conspiracy is EPIC. Truly unreal. I wish these people had any clue as to how 100% of the pit bull owners I have ever met (myself included) feel about dog fighting.. and according to them there's a dog fighter behind every corner - bizarro.

In the end if you give airtime (and the internet is sort of a free-for-all of "airtime") to paranoid schizoids you will inevitably find nonsense like "dog fighters are paying the HUGE pit bull "propaganda" machine" - lol!


But sadly BSL still exists in many of the KC suburbs. I live in Albuquerque now and am trying to move back to KC with my pitbull mix. Albuquerque has an excellent animal ordinance that I wish everyone had!

Petra S.

This "face off" tactic of giving 2 sides of an issue equal time in the name of fairness lets media off the hook. It's cheap & provides an illusion of "truth-seeking". It relies on the idea that the 2 sides can duke it out & allow people to make their own decisions. However, there's no guarantee that anyone speaks the truth. It's all "opinion"... and most people simply do not have enough reliable information to make a decision... about anything. Nothing on the Internet is reliable information. Once upon a time, journalism provided truth-seekers, who dug. They questioned. They probed. Having people who do that for a living costs media companies money. It's very expensive - so much cheaper to give "equal time" and be done with it.


Jenny -- I agree. Most of the laws here have been on the books since the late 80s and most of the city leaders seem to realize they're not effective laws, but are hesitant to repeal them too. It also has created a weird perception here because people seem to think that it's a 50/50 split between cities with bans and those without....but that's just locally. Nationally it's about 97% don't have bans, and 3% do. But we seem a little out of touch here with what is occurring nationally.

If you need help finding a city here where you can safely move let me know...we do have great communities here that are BSL-Free.

Cheryl Huerta

Great piece Brent. I will most definitely share it around FB because I think it gives pit bull advocates a few pointers on 'arguments' that can be made to counter the propaganda and myth based rhetoric of anti-pit bull people.

I find it interesting that the anti-pit bull people out there all seem to take their 'facts' from the same source and how so often when they speak or write their 'facts' they are all nearly identical in content right down to being virtually verbatim.

I am currently keeping an eye on a very small rural town here in Oregon who very recently announced that it would be considering adding breed restrictions to their existing animal control ordinance. This last September a five year old was mauled to death by his grandmothers alleged pit bull and so the local police chief has gone to the city council asking to discuss and then implement a breed ban. A local newspaper had an editorial a recently that was obviously in total support of the proposed restriction/ban on pit bulls. The editorial received mixed comments from the public on line but for the most part got support from locals to have a breed ban. I found it so very interesting that each and every comment in support of the ban contained verbatim rhetoric that could have cut and pasted from

I pointed out to one person who seems particular angry at pit bulls and who offered up many 'statistics' to support her views that while her experience with pit bulls is not from actually having one as a family dog but is from the propaganda, myths and misinformation that can be found on line from organizations like that my opinion of pit bulls and the information I am providing in the discussion is from my own personal experience with my pit bulls and also from the personal experience of the hundreds if not thousands of responsible pit bull owners I have come to meet and know through my being a pit bull advocate.

These people choose fear and we as pit bull advocates have to keep putting the facts out there as calmly and as rationally as we possibly can. We can't silence the anti-pit bull people. We just can't because of free speech. However we can drown them out and that's what we really need to focus our efforts on. That's why we have monthly bully walks here in Portland Oregon and that's why the bully walks are spreading out around the country. People are beginning to see the value of disproving the anti-pit bull peoples rhetoric by getting out with their dogs and SHOWING the public the truth about pit bulls and the people who choose to have them.

We have to remember that while they have propaganda, myths and misinformation on their side we have facts, truth and living proof by virtue of who we are and what kind of dogs our pit bulls are on ours!

Dog hero

brent you know i think bsl advocates think bsl will solve their problems. also do you ever think that when they say pit attacks are decreased why don't they say attacks of all breeds


Maybe "Media Irresponsibility" tag also applies to this.


Dog hero -- they seem to only want to focus on pit bull attacks because they live under the misguided notion that pit bull attacks are "different" from those of other types of dogs. So to them the bites by other breeds don't matter.

Christine -- I've added it.

Dog hero

brent i sent a bsl advocate to your site but when i asked if he had read it he said no. then i asked him to disprove and he avoided the question by saying he could but does not feel like it or something.
i even argued with some guy named tony solesky
he was good but after a while he stopped answering my questions.


Dog Hero, Tony Solesky has lost the plot. Some of the stuff he says on FB is nothing short of disturbing. He is very involved with who seem to attract some of the flakiest flakes I've ever seen come together in one place!

Jen Brighton

First, thank you, Brent, for taking the time to disseminate the conversation. Very interesting to read your thoughts. I love that you point out that the station had to go far and wide to find someone who even supports BSL.

Karen, speaking of flakiest flakes, I just read the following comment from Jaloney Caldwell in the article about Dr. Ian Kupkee: 'Pitbulls carry genes that can mutate and turn on their fighting genes at any time." Someone really ought to write a book about these whacky statements. But in the long run, the Dogsbite crowd is just shooting itself in the foot with posts like that. And unfortunately, poor Tony Solesky has been bewitched by them feeding him this stuff. It's tragic.

Dog hero

Jen i bet one day dogsbite will be disproven and colleen caught in her web of lies. i mean how often do those"donations" she gets go to someone who was attacked. i mean you hear about people who are brually attacked by dogs all the time. how often do you hear dogs bite gave money to them. also one bsl advocate i talked too called the cdc an apologist. and how all pit owners are scum who want them alive to fight and how vets are in on it


Mr. Bauermeister wouldn't know about pit bulls in Council Bluffs as he does not live in Council Bluffs. He is the city's assistant city attorney and lives across the river in Omaha, NE.

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