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October 21, 2013



Congratulations on a great job.
It's too bad that those empty cages can't be filled with irresponsible, lazy and abusive pet owners instead of the pets themselves.

Friends of Newark NJ Animal Shelter

Congratulations on a great job and well-deserved success. Very inspiring!


Awesome photo and news! Thank you to all the people who helped, AND the public who agree with adopting and saving lives; they are also "on the bus" (if surveys are correct, that's at least 71 percent of the public). No Kill is only possible because of all of you!


I have run MoKan Border Collie Rescue for 13 years and have pulled dogs from the shelter before KCPP and after. Let me just say you are doing a FABULOUS job. The change is obvious since the leadership changed and the staff you have cares and works so hard. Be very proud of yourselves.


Thank you Kathy. I really appreciate the kind words. It's harder work than I would have imagined, but I'm so glad people like you can tell the difference.

pitbull friend

Wow. This is an incredibly beautiful picture! Congrats to all of you!!!

Dog hero

Another success for dogs.

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