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September 27, 2013



Please explain WHY this law is called OBAMA'S breed-specific law, as President's only SIGN laws passed by congress. Unless I missed something- and he personally pushed the law- the person responsible for INTRODUCING the law gets the credit/blame.


While the muzzle law is nonsense, I wonder how many dog bites there would be if ALL owners were required to leash their dogs when off of their own property.

Couldn't Omaha use this so-called success with pit bulls to say "Hey, maybe if we had all owners leash their dogs and receive training, dog bites as a whole might go down".


Su smart - read the headline again. More slowly this time.

Joel, Omaha already has a leash law. I actually like some elements of their law -- such as the idea of tethering restrictions. I also like the idea of requiring dog owners who show themselves as reckless either being required to take training classes, or, not being allowed to own pets again (depending on the frequency and severity of their issues). But they just got themselves caught up in the breed-specific nonsense, and it not only trains people to believe that only those types of dogs can be problems, it also uses a lot of resources targeting owners of the targeted breeds who were already responsible (and not a problem) in the first place.


So all dogs have to be on a leash?

I was reading the line in the article: "Pit bulls that are not in the ambassador program now are required to wear a muzzle and must be on a leash when outside their yard."

But would it be more accurate to say that pit bulls that are in the ambassador program are exempt from the city's leash law?


No. They have a leash law too. But when they crafted their dangerous dog law, they put "leashed and muzzled" in the law for pit bulls, even though all dogs were already required to be leashed (can never be too careful). So dogs that pass the ambassador program, don't have to be muzzled, but would still have to leashed under the law that applies to all dogs.

Every Pit Bull in America

Great write up Brent


Thanks for the write up Brent, we shared it on our facebook page (


I wonder if a contributing reason for the drop in "pit bull" bites is due to the fact that people no longer identified their mixed dogs as "pit bulls" after the ordinance was passed in 2008.


I'm sure there has been some reclassification of some. I wouldn't doubt that some of the different classification is being done by NHS also...

don cummings

Dogs adopted through the Humane Society are ID'd by them as majority or minority pit bull mixes if need be. Our dog is a minority pit bull mix and as such is treated like any other mixed breed dog. Omaha does have a leash law for all dogs. In general the NHS has been good about enforcing the dog laws. Hopefully when the public and elected officials truly look at these dog bite #'s they will see that the issue is dangerous dogs and irresponsible owners. But, I am not holding my breath.


The "minority" vs "majority" pit bull idea is a big issue in Omaha. NHS's classification could mean whether your short haired, block headed dog has to follow the ordinance or not. They do their best in classifying dogs based on appearance. This has been proven to be ineffective. "Pit Bulls" that have been labelled one way by NHS have had DNA tests which prove the opposite.

All these classifications do is prove that Breed Specific Ordinances are a waste of time and tax payer dollars. Judging behavior based on physical appearance is failed policy.


Here are at least 2 examples of the arbitrary enforcement:


To the person asking why it's called Obama's breed specific law... You may want to read it again. It's OMAHA, not Obama. Just wanted to clarify

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