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September 11, 2013



Please note that RTOs mentioned for KC were for DOGS. Our RTO for cats is extremely low. Prolonging the time an animal is trapped in the shelter (esp for cats) was a very misguided idea that I'm SURE is killing animals in CA. You are taking away 3 days of chances where dogs could get adopted by requiring a 7 day hold. The quicker you get them out, the more room you have which gives the rest of the animals more of a chance to find a home.

I'm still not sold on offsite adoptions being a KEY tenet. Depending on your situation you may be better servered to spend the time and resources on advertising or onsite events to draw people into your shelter.

Dianne R

One thing you can say for sure about HSUS, Wayne Pacelle listens. Now that he's gotten married to a very smart journalist and brought home a rescue dog (a beagly type) I think we'll be seeing even more great decisions!

Jennifer Fearing

Thanks for a really thoughtful post. I just want to clarify one important point. This is not an HSUS report. Though I represent HSUS on the stakeholders group and am proud of our leadership, this is a collaboration of all the individuals listed in the report and we are all indebted to the Found Animals Foundation for their financial, logistics and organizing support.

Christie Keith

As a fourth generation native Californian (even if I have moved to Michigan!), I just wanted to mention that this was not actually an HSUS report or project, nor a project of any national group. It was a joint project of a large group of advocates and "stakeholders" in California.

Forever loyal to my birthplace, I guess! :)


Yes, thanks Jennifer and Christie. I happened to pick this up from HSUS's blog and they are taking a lot of credit for it but yes, my bad in the assumption.

Jennifer Fearing

Well we are proud of our involvement! And we asked all groups involved to push out and promote. Guess we were quick on the draw, but the listening sessions have started - including the first in Orange County yesterday. San Francisco is up on Thursday and Sacramento next Tuesday. Hope folks join us and provide feedback.


Jennifer Fearing,

HSUS should have waited until the other groups promoted their work before boasting about the project as though it was primarily thir own. HSUS could have asked their in-house PR firm to help the small groups publicize their efforts. No more excuses for "theft of credit," which Pacelle has been guilty of for 25 years, according to a 1992 book about pet theft, "Stolen for Profit." Stealing credit is still profitable for HSUS. Stopping it would be a "great decision."

Dianne R:

Pacelle doesn't need a wife to help him make "great decisions." He was involved with her for many years, during which he made some of the worst, most unethical decisions of his career. His marriage does explain his getting a dog. Since he recently said he travels 130 days a year, she is the primary caretaker. Ditto for "his" cat Libby, which was actually his previous (live-in) girlfriends cat.

Deciding not to lobby for the deaths of dogs - while you are raising money for rescuing and caring for them - is not a great decision, although it is a welcome change. It would be suicidal for HSUS to repeat their Vick and Wilkes County debacles.

What matters most is that the dogs are alive and have a new chance at a good life. Although I am critical of HSUS, I recognize that there are good people there, though not in top management.

I applaud Brent Toellner's positive attitude and encouragement regarding the policy changes at HSUS. HSUS can be a positive force for pit bulls instead of a destructive one. HSUS does not, however, need cheerleaders glorifying every choice they make. Doing good without taking credit is what charity is all about. It's the highest level on the well-known pyramid of philanthopy.

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