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September 16, 2013


PAMM - People Against Murdering

Vick's dogs weren't worthy of a second chance but Mikey sure was! Can anyone tell me how Pacelle still has a job?


They shouldn't let a convicted felon play pro football. I still boycott Nike Products.

Jen Brighton

So nice to read positive news. Education vs. ignorance works every time! Sometimes it just takes more effort from many strong advocates like Brent and many others, Fred Kray and the gang at Pit Bulletin Legal News, for one, who get the news out there and become a voice for all of us and especially for our dogs.

Keira Fritzen

Thank You for sharing this. I don't have cable so I didn't know Anderson Cooper reported on this. What a great job his team did.

Cheryl Huerta

Here's what I just posted about this. Thanks Brent! Good news is ALWAYS welcomed on this front.

Here's a PERFECT example of how we should never give up hope and never stop working toward our goal even when it appears as if we'll never meet it. The tide is turning when it comes to pit bulls, how the authorities perceive them and will completely turn when the public perceives them differently. We will completely change life for all pit bulls, and hopefully for all dog breeds deemed inherently dangerous, but we've got to keep at it and take the successes when they come. Most of all we can't do a damned thing as a million individuals but only as ONE together for a common cause!


Bett Sundermeyer

The only reason this organization is not calling for the immediate killing of the victims is because animal lovers have spoken up LOUDLY many, many times over the last few years. We have exposed what these so-called "humane" organizations are really doing to animals and we have said that it is not acceptable, both with our voices and our dollars/donations. They know that if they continue the mass slaughter of these victims, that more people will turn away and stop supporting them.

We animal lovers made this happen. Everyone who has ever spoken up for these victims should be proud.


I completely agree with Bett Sundermeyer that HSUS had no choice in the matter. In the age of the Internet, Pacelle and his cronies simply cannot get away with pushing for the deaths of the same dogs they are seeking donations "to care for." And HSUS can no longer lobby the courts to euthanize rescued dogs and puppies in order to prevent competing groups from saving them. After all, when animal advocates, rescuers, and 24/7 pet bloggers are the ones exposing and documenting these scandals, it's ridiculous and kind of crazy for Pacelle to blame it all on Humane Watch.

Unfortunately, HSUS is still making millions by claiming far too much credit for "rescuing" and "caring for" every victim of dog-fighting. Pacelle just stated in an interview that he personally worked with the FBI on the August bust. He told donors that HSUS was involved in the investigation "every step of the way." He needs to stop lying and stealing credit. Even if he were capable of changing (he's not), charities are exempt from the False Claims Act. HSUS loves that.

I'm very happy that victims of dog-fighting are no longer being used as scapegoats and vehicles to channel the hatred of people like John Goodwin. I just wish they weren't still being used to divert big bucks and attention from those organizations and individuals who need and deserve it.


Given the past actions of both orgs I wouldn't be at all surprised to see the dogs "disappear" once everyone's forgotten about them.

The ASPCA made a big hullabaloo here in NYC after they "rescued" 50 dogs from a dogfighting ring in 2012. When everything calmed down, they killed 1/3 of them.


Jim and John, I definitely agree that HSUS is unfortunately (or fortunately I guess, depending on how you look at it) not the leader in companion animal welfare. They are being drug into modern thinking by other people and groups who are the thought leaders. And I absolutely agree that we need to continue to make them responsible for their actions and hold them accountable. But I also don't believe in beating up on people for the sake of beating up on them....when they're right, they should get credit too.


Please check out this link and do what you can if it's legitimate. This is from the Detroit Bully Corps facebook page - someone got this.


Should have checked this out before sharing - Snopes says it's a hoax. Sorry, but with all of the awfulness that happens to animals, it was, unfortunately, believable . . .

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