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August 04, 2013



Re: Yellow Ribbon
"If your dog does want to interact with other dogs, keep her away from other dogs.
It’s really simple, and all you need to do is look out for yourself and your dog, which is what you should be doing anyway."

That's right. If you, despite my best attempts to maintain space, allow your dog to approach my 10-year old dog with arthritis and spondylosis, your dog WILL get kicked in the face. Repeatedly if necessary.

Brent, did you not read the article you posted about asshole dog owners?


I skimmed it. Did I error in including it?


On Niagra County, NY I know nothing except what was in the article. However it is not clear to me exactlly what the mayor was supposed to do if the City did not have the funding to support the no kill efforts there. Although I thought no kill was supposed to be no cost. Does not appear that way based on many data points. What I really find sad is that the writter of the article does not attempt to address the funding issue but instead tries to paint the mayor as some sort of "animal abuser" I guess because he likes to fish. Seems like the author of the article kind of lost track of the issue some where and I don't see how that helps at all.


I've been reading about the progress in Niagra County for awhile via their newspaper and confess that this story is pretty typical of the writing there -- where often I'm left a little confused about what really is going on.


Sad part is Brent it sounds like it has disenigrated into a name calling contest rahter than a focus on how to get it done. Guess after everone sets their hair on fire and runs around a bit maybe the can focus back on the problem. Best wishes to them!

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