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August 07, 2013



A huge congratulations to all of you. What a great effort this has been. May your journey continue.

Jen Brighton

I am so proud of all of you! Great work bu people who care about animals and making a difference.

Tami Desmond

great job!! congrats!

john zolis

amazing work

pitbull friend

INCREDIBLE!!! Keep up the amazing work, folks!


Wonderful job & Wonderful news!

Julie Wall

Can I get the list of where 1,280 animals were transfered to?

Marcy McReynolds of CO

I'm thrilled to read this. I was born near KC (many years ago) and we all know MO does not have a good reputation for animal welfare. This is extremely good news and proof from one more shelter that no-kill is possible. Kudos!


Great news. Glad to see more and more shelters adopting the No-Kill Equation to save the lives of companion animals.



Thanks everyone. Julie, the transfers went out to probably around 60 different rescue organizations. Some large. Some small. Some all-breed rescues. Some specific breed rescues. Most of them in our area but we do have a few out-of state rescues we work with. We do make sure we know a fair amount about these groups to be sure they're going to a reputable place.

Tom Steele

That's so wonderful! Heaven and earth smile upon no-kill shelters. And as it is pointed out, no-kill shelters are a process, not a be-all and end-all goal. We should all be working toward many more no-kill shelters.

Cheryl Huerta

Way to go KC Pet Project. I do everything I can to get the word out about you to the shelters I connect with as a pit bull advocate. Many shelter administrators and workers will say that no-kill is a lie or at the very least isn't possible but you are showing that it is achievable and you are doing it.

If there is one thing I'd like to see is a change from calling it 'no-kill' to 'no/low-kill' because calling it 'no-kill' creates a point of contention that seems to be an obstacle for some shelters to even explore the possibility. I've seen so many people, who act as if they must defend what their shelter does, who rather than discuss what is possible simply go around trying to convince everyone that 'no-kill' is NOT why try?

Good on you all for your dedication and hard work. Thousands of animals have you to thank for their lives and thousands of families have you to thank for their beloved family pet!


Keep up the great work

Mary Ann

Cheryl, but if you look at the definition of No Kill it is possible. Not killing healthy, treatable animals; only kindly euthanizing those animals who are suffering irremediably from illness, injury or untreatable aggression. I think it's more of people needing to understand the definition and that killing is different than euthanizing.


Congratulations on walking the walk! The animals you've saved and the people who love them appreciate your decision to not kill.


Congratulations Brent and the entire KC Pet Project team and your supporters. An amazing achievement and a significant milestone on the No Kill journey. Best wishes for continued success!

linda taylor woods

You and the whole team are an inspiration to all ! Thank you for this great achievement, and good wishes for continued success! Hats OFF !!

Karen F

Congratulations to everyone involved -- such an achievement!


The leadership of your group and the growing number of successful communities shows what's possible when a proven, comprehensive approach, progressive attitudes and newer info is used. Congratulations on all your hard work and lives saved!

Hopefully the Powers That Be will look at the newer info and change the regressive laws like so many places are doing. This will benefit public safety and save taxpayers money as well as get more pets registered with ID, more lost ones back home with their families, and otherwise save lives.

The huge majority, 71 percent, of the public believe "Animal shelters should only be allowed to euthanize animals when they are too sick to be treated or too aggressive to be adopted."

As Christie Keith said, "We are the 71 percent".

Onward and upward!


congratulations on all your success despite the city's best efforts to make things difficult for KC Pet Project!

Don F.

Congratulations! ONe question: is this shelter required to accept dogs brought in by law enforcement, AC, and as private surrenders?


Don -- Yes. KC Pet Project has a contract with the city to take in all animals from animal control, as well as all public drop-offs (strays/owner surrenders) from residents of our community.

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