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August 28, 2013



Congratulations. I don't comment a lot but I am one of your very long time readers.

Thanks for all the work you do, the careful research and the well turned phrases. Here's to many more years.


And as another Typepad user, I understand the necessity for Captcha. :-)


Congrats! Wow time flies when you're having fun.


Thank you for all you do.
Your blog is a great reference for refuting all the hysterical misinformation spread about the internet regarding animal issues.
Hope your next 7 years (and beyond) are filled with success.


Congratulations and keep up the great work from PBC!


Thanks all.

And back atcha Jan. Long time listener, first time caller :) And without captcha I fear I'd have a lot of purses to sell...



That's only one dog year.

Jen Brighton

I love Joel's comment. Something like the saying, "In dog beers, I've only had one."

Thank you, Brent, for being such a dependable dog advocate. You are known worldwide and we'd be lost without you. I think I've followed you for at least 5 of those 7 years.

Major congratulations on your accomplishments.

Karen F

Thank you, Brent, for the particular and very careful way you deconstruct myths week after week. Your devotion to math is especially appreciated . . . along with the many hours you put into the blog.

Cheryl Huerta

Congratulations Brent. Seven years! Thank you first of all for doing it at all!!!

You were the FIRST pit bull advocate that I made contact with when I started my 'official' stint as a pit bull advocate almost three years ago. You have been a good pit bull advocate friend to me and I wanted to thank you. I have attempted to connect to as many of the pit bull advocate 'players' as I could as I believe that there is strength in numbers so why not join forces for pit bulls and the people who have them? I can count on one hand the ones who responded positively and who are now my friends and allies in this venture to help the dogs, unfortunately, and you are one of those.

I have watched your involvement in the KCMO Animal Shelter Project and applaud you and your group and believe that other shelters that are failing so miserably at really being a shelter, a safe place, for the animals that end up there need to have a look at what you and your group have accomplished. I refer many shelter people I know to you all the time hoping that they will reach out to you or will at least want to learn how to do what you've done there in Kansas City. Good on you all for doing this.

Thank you for being a pit bull advocate and thank you for being a part of the ever growing network of pit bull advocates/rescues!!!

Cheryl Huerta
Co-Founder of The Portland Pit Bull Project
Founder of The Coast to Coast Bully Walk Project/Event

pitbull friend

Thank you so much, Brent, for all the time that I know you put into this. I really appreciate your common sense approaches and willingness to do the math to figure out things that plague me (the 1 in 600 pitbull meme) and nonsense that would plague me if you hadn't gotten to it first!


Thanks Brent: despite our disagreements, I value your blog very much and cite it often.

Have you ever commented on this "resource" for journalists:

Which seems to me to be an attempt to selectively cite sources (most quite a bit outdated) and even while mentioning that the CDC discounts "breed" as a factor, still asserts breed is a factor in dogbites...


Thank you.
A silent reader from Germany.

Fred M. Kray

Brent-congratulations. You've done a lot of good for all the dogs and have been a great source of balanced scientific information.

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