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July 14, 2013



Thank you.


I love your roundups! They keep me informed and there are always thing that I would have missed otherwise.

In regards to Pasadena, it will be the same as L.A. - no one to enforce it. In regards to the animal welfare people who push for and support the laws - they end up screaming (I read the rants on Facebook all the time) "They need to be enforcing it!" Well, it's not realistic with our population here as high as it is. Every time a group does a mobile clinic in the areas targeted by these laws, they end up FULL. People want to get their pets fixed (obviously, not all, but a good majority) and providing them access to it since they cannot afford it, has proven to be the way to go. I just don't get why they don't spend more time and energy focused on THAT instead of laws that can't be enforced here (thankfully, because I can't imagine how much more dogs/cats we'd be killing if the law actually got enforced).


Great roundup this week!


Wow...that first 'my dog bite my child' article is pretty upsetting. They knew the dog didn't like small children, but continued exposing the dog to a toddler. Even after the dog had progressed from growling to air snapping. Then, when the dog did finally bite, the mother reflects she wished she'd had the dog killed long ago. Such a contrast to the second article, where everyone involved seemed to have a much better grip on canine behavior

Jen Brighton

Brent, you need an assistant!


If I knew a boarding facility or shelter that used unproven "treatments" on animals instead of real medicine, I would stay far far away from that place.

The author makes a lot of claims, but only has one citation. This does not make a convincing argument. The article would be more convincing if the author would cite a peer-reviewed study proving the safety and efficacy of nosodes.


Jenn -- agree, and hope that the ordinance will go unenforced -- that's the best way to have it!

Triangle, agreed. We have a long way to go in canine behavior before people realize the risks they subject their dogs/children to when the dogs show signs of discomfort around the children.

Jen, Agreed! Are you applying?

Stacey, the author is a licensed veterinarian, so that comes with at least some credentials (although, I realize that opinions on veterinary matters vary considerably from vet to vet). Most veterinarians I talk to do not believe that Bordatella vaccine is effective, so that part was far from news to me...


I don't question the lack of usefulness of the bordetella vaccine. It's definitely a waste of money. I question the use of homeopathy.

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