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July 24, 2013


Jen Brighton

TonyB, you are grasping at straws. Your whole argument is based on purebred pit bulls, when most of the dogs you read about in the news are mixes. And arguing about what sort of dog is best for what sort of task really has nothing to do about safety. Many, many breeds are dog aggressive, but not all dogs of one particular breed is aggressive. I attended my altenative humane scoiety event this weekend where there were many pit bulls with their owners in tight quarters meeting about 50 different breeds, large and small. Not one incident while I was there. Why? Because these dogs are trained and socialized. Who lunged and growled while I was there? A German shepherd. Who jumped another dog in an act of aggression? A hound.

Animal experts will tell you that regardless of breed, dogs are individuals. I love the spunkiness and attitude of Jack Russell terriers, but I've been told time and again I shouldn't get one because it will kill my 3 kitties. Yet I've met owners of JRTs whose dogs live successfully with cats. It all depends on the individual dog.

As to Diane Jessup, I live in Washington State and her dogs were used as bomb and drug detection dogs for our ferry system. Neville comes to mind. He retired to much fanfare by the ferry system and regular riders in 2010. I recall an article where another was placed with a mounted border patrol officer on the Canadian border.

And then there's Harold who served in Afghanistan as a member of the military.

Face it, bully breeds are a VERY versatile dog and that is a FACT. They compete in agility, flyball, dock diving, nose work, search & rescue, service and therapy dog work, police work, military work and simply as family companion dogs. Many other breeds are limited, but not pit bulls--a strong, active, loving, eager to please dog with a propensity for making people laugh with their antics.

MA resident

For what it's worth, the MA bill was filed in 1/21/11 and moved steadily through the process for a year and a half before passing in July 2012. AND it wasn't the first session it was filed. The bill (which made other changes to the laws in addition to this part) had been out there, discussed, debated, amended, testified on, etc. for years. The legislative history is online (was filed as S 1033 in Jan. 2011 and then was S 2184 before passing as H. 2192). Common for bills to change numbers when amended. All versions, however, contained the part re: bsl.


Thanks MA for the details. I knew it had been out there for a long time, and didn't feel like looking it up. The idea that it was somehow "rushed through" by MC is ridiculous.


Having just read another essay written by Mr. Clifton, I was able to comment with a link to
your article.

So thank you once again for the clarity that accompanies the presentation of fact


Nice job Melissa. Thank you.


Just saw what was supposed to be a hour long "special" on Breed Bans by PetNetwork TV. "Sadly, Merrick's "work" was quoted a few times by one of the people on the show (a blogger for a National Canadian newspaper and a known BSL Lobbyist). According to the author/blogger (who tweeted out the show featured ME") Merrick is a real "investigative journalist" whose work has never been disputed. ROFL. However, VERY disappointed that a TV station about PETS would "feature" a BSL Lobbyist on a show they called "The Pit Bull Debate".

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