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April 09, 2013


Pat F.

A mostly good, perceptive article; but I disagree with the author's recommendation of legally mandating that owners spay and neuter their dogs. I have always been responsible for my dogs; the one litter I ever produced was carefully planned and wanted, the parents show dogs with health clearances, and I don't want the government telling me when and if I should spay/neuter my dog(s).

Doris Muller

Pat, I truly understand your sentiments about too much government in our lives. Unfortunately, lack of regulations produces a society run-amuck. Think about it, most laws are created to manage those who have no qualms about being evil and/or irresponsible. To protect the most vulnerable among us, we cannot afford to look at laws on a personal basis. We all must be willing to sacrifice on behalf of the greater good.

Personally I would rather have too many laws created to protect the defenseless than too little. Currently, I think we have too few, resulting in far too much suffering and death.


Pat -- I agree with you on the Mandatory spay/neuter part. That's not the effective solution. If an MSN law is passed without enough low cost spay/neuter providers to help people comply, the end result is a lot of dead dogs taken from owners who don't comply. If enough of these services are available, they tend to work to solve the population issues without the need for the law.


I disagree with the statement that these practices are rampant. Perhaps they are in some areas but as a generalization, I object to it.

I am opposed to mandatory neutering and in fact, am personally opposed to the neutering of dogs (males) except for medical reasons.

I am definitely opposed to the government telling me how to maintain my dogs, what kind of dogs I may own, how many, etc.

Laws should be as surgically precise as possible, ie, they should address the problem behaviour while leaving the people who are doing what they are supposed to be doing in peace.

Jen Brighton

Well said, Selma. Being a bully breed owner of mixed breeds (American Shelter Dogs) and often at the other end of vitriol for absolutely no reason, I have become very careful about supporting blanket legislation that catches everyone and everything in its net.

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