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April 25, 2013



You are probably aware of the legal charges brought up (and then dropped) when tasers and mace were found at the former Vick compound, now owned by Dogs Deserve Better.

As with temperament testing, it would be great if successful animal welfare groups could describe how to properly break up dog fights.

I recently bought a 6 acre forest property in downtown Des Moines so adoptable dogs can play and hopefully dogs being fostered and previously adopted will be able to play. I use remote electric shock collars to make sure they do not run away chasing deer (85% is fenced and the rest will be soon but properly fencing a forest takes time) and to stop if dogs get too nippy with each other. The noise and vibrate settings are all that is required after a few incidents, and breaking up a dog fight is dangerous.

1/2 hour of free play is worth at least 2 hours on a leash in my experience. Much more fun and efficient for the dogs and handler.

The second video is very typical of good, energetic dog behavior. Tail wagging, downward dog are good, high pitched yelping is a sign someone is too rough.


What is so funny really, is that if the dogs were puppies and playing this way, no one would have a problem! People really need to do a better job in learning to 'read' dogs...and as you put it, don't micro-manage.


I've watched Mike Kaviani, Austin Pets Alive's behavior manager, use Sadler's playgroups' methods on dogs that had been deteriorating in the shelter environment. It's amazing to watch dogs that had seemed seriously reactive thrive in these groups with a bit of mild correction and intervention, so intense interactions don't escalate. Very impressive.

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