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April 01, 2013



Timely to be posting this on Lennox's birthday, the most visible victim of the lunacy of this policy.

Jen Brighton

I've always thought the Lennox story should be made into a documentary or movie and shown around the world to bring awareness to BSL and its impact on families.

Fran Coughlin

I so appreciate the information gleamed from this site. When media prepetulates their hype I come here for a normal, sane and balanced view. Cirsumstances matter. Thanks Brent for all you do.

Dianne R!/wjlatv/posts/10151540046008734

Brent, here is a local story of a 5 yo bitten by resident dogs in the backyard. The news article does not name breeds. Some on the discussion on facebook assume pit bulls - and others point out any breed can bite.


Thanks Dianne. I've seen several reports now naming breeds of dogs, and it doesn't look like any of the dogs were "pit bulls". This is exactly why I wish the entire discussion about breeds being a causal factor would go away so we can focus the conversation on how/why this incident happened.

Dianne R

I have seen 2 Cane Corso and English bull dog. Now the Post is reporting Pitbull, bull dog and Italian hunting dog
Looks like a good discussion is brewing... maybe we are finally making an impression.

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