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April 08, 2013



This is horrible. Really who lets a baby jump up and down on a dog. I had a rottie and she was fantastic around the kids but to a point. I would never let them do this. I hate to say it but if the baby got bite it would be the parents fault. I have a belgium Malonis right now and there is no way she would let a baby do this. She would of for sure bite the baby. A dog can only tolerate so much. This idiot parents need to teach their kid not to do this. One day this kid will do this to the wrong dog and the poor dog will suffer for it.


That was awful! What a bunch of idiots. If that wonderful dogwould have bitten he would have been "dangerous" and put down. So much for the so called adults...totally stupid, should hever have an animal...much less a child!

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