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April 08, 2013



Jesus Christ.

That family is /very/ lucky that dog was as patient as he was, because I found myself wincing several times. It was pretty clear that child was hurting the dog, and from the beginning the dog attempted to leave the situation.

Those parents are morons. Morons and VERY VERY lucky that the dog tolerated the abuse as well as he did. And having grown up with the breed, it makes me even more angry to see that beautiful Rottie being put through so much stress and discomfort.


I couldn't watch it all the way through. How stupid can people be? Some day the child will do that to the wrong dog and they will be shocked at the dog's behavior.



Ted Moore

Thanks for posting this, Brent. It's an invaluable learning aid for all of us as we try to keep our adopters and their new companion animals safe.

Doris Muller

Poor dog. The torments and abuse suffered by so many is painful to hear about. YES, for sure! these parents are absolutely beyond ignorant!! This dog may well end up paying the price for this human stupidity


I can't believe that IDIOT sat there LAUGHING like a hyena the entire time. That poor, poor dog. :(

And that child is only being taught that it's okay to mistreat an animal...sure - right now he's too young to know better...that's the point of PARENTING. To correct and guide. UGH.


That dog is a saint. Those parents are VERY lucky that there wasn't an incident. Not only is it mistreatment of their dog, but any dog that child encounters is going to get the same treatment and the next dog may not be so tolerant! We need owner education and licensing more than dog licensing! I've tweeted and posted this on FB - please help spread the word and maybe we can get the message out about proper training for kids & Parents!


I am breathless with horror. These parents should be charged with child endangerment.


ohhh that was hard to watch.

Jen Brighton

I saw this video when it first came out and actually had a pit in my stomach waiting for the dog to snap. The unfortunate thing is that so many parents brag about their dogs' tolerance of their young children doing just this thing. And people claim rotties are monsters. They ought to watch this! Perhaps this family would be better off with a stuffed dog.


Oh my gosh. I really felt sorry for the dog. And the child. And the adults. They clearly meant well, and thought the dog and child were being cute. Scooby is one very tolerant dog. I'm sure they've gotten plenty of backlash by now, so hopefully they realize what they were doing wrong and learned from this.


You can tell the father is brain dead. That kid WILL be stapled by some dog somewhere. How sad for the dog and kid. Sickening.

Zaron Van Meter

There are just some people that should never own a dog. This just proves we desparately need to continue educating people on dog behavior. Anyone buying a puppy or dog should have to go through training. This is a must in my opinion.


The original video is > 3 yrs. old.


What is so cute about a toddler, bouncing on a Rottweiler, that warrants a 2 minute video? I will never understand that fascination. They are obviously oblivious to the potential failure they are setting this dog up for. I use failure in the sense of the dog reacting naturally to a noxious stimuli, resulting in possible seizure and euthanization. It's important to teach youngsters respect for other living creatures, starting with first interaction. Failure to do so may result in, what I like to call, shifting the view of dogs as living creatures with nerve endings and feelings.... to a objects and possessions.


This video made me sick to my stomach. That poor dog. Sadly, no one who knows this family would probably ever think that they abuse their pets but that is exactly what's going on here. They're treating him like a toy for their kid. Not only that, they're teaching their child that it's ok to disrespect other living things. Disgusting.


I hate to say it, but people who don't know how to read dog body language--and that's a whole bunch of people--simply may not see anything wrong with this. That doesn't make them bad people, or suggest that they're being intentionally mean or allowing their children to be intentionally mean. To their eye, truly, the dog looks "fine" or even like s/he is enjoying the interaction. They don't know. In my area, people tell me all the time how great their dog is because the kids can jump all over them and grab them... these aren't bad people, either; they're a good part of my adopter pool. They want and expect another dog that will tolerate the same level of intrusive handling. Bottom line for a lot of people, dogs only have 2 settings: if the dog isn't actually growling or snarling (the lowest level of distance-increasing signal many folks recognize as such), the dog is "fine."


OMG..that was so hard to watch. Some people seriously have no brains. It doesn't matter what type of dog you have you never let anyone let alone a toddler bounce on a dog. Major kudos to the dog for his self control. They were sooo lucky..I hope the parents show better judgement in the future.

Pat F.

I remember being a little older than that toddler, about six, and intent on frequently hugging our young Basset Hound. Fortunately, she was not only tolerant, but she educated me; when I hugged too hard or she became tired of my attentions, she would growl, and I'd instantly stop and let go of her - she gave me the necessary boundaries; and I became smarter about not holding her too tightly. It was only as an adult that I began to learn more about canine body language and behavior.

I am quite worried for the little kid in this video; too young to understand what's going on, seeing the dog as a big cuddly toy and being encouraged by his idiot father to jump up and down on the dog and actually grab at the dog's face. That poor toddler is going to get bit; either by the Rottweiler if he eventually loses patience (or the child continues his behavior as he grows) or by another less tolerant dog. And it won't be the dog's fault, but it will be a dog and this child who will suffer if the parents don't change their behavior and that of the child.

Lis Carey


No being would enjoy that.

The child didn't start spontaneously; the dad encouraged him to "go play with the doggie."

After Scooby reached his limit and removed himself from the situation, the dad called him bsck and encouraged the child to start again.

Child and dog will be very, very lucky if Scooby doesn't reach his limit and bite.

Pit bull owner

The only thing we hear are the headlines .. Dog attacks family member/bites neighbour etc. The media rarely follow up on the story,why it happened ... In my opinion and experience dogs don't bite without a reason. This video shows some common mistakes people make with the family pet. As a groomer I see many unbalanced pets everyday, caused by their well meaning owners. Thanks to Cesar Milan, there is hope :)


This is animal abuse.


That child is probably closer to 2 years old. I have a 19-month-old daughter and two 50-ish pound dogs. My daughter loves the dogs, but she's very good about how she approaches them (never from the front, only from the side, no ear or tail pulling). Whether its been her instinct or due to careful supervision I can't say.

One of our dogs is OK with her, and doesn't seem to mind her attention. Which doesn't mean we let her rough him up, of course. The other dog is much more guarded. He can get uncomfortable if she is too loud or animated, especially if he is lying down. She does get to pet him if the situation is right, but we are even more careful with him.

Our daughter is not as mobile as this child, but she's certainly all over the place right now. It's extra work to manage a daughter with two dogs, but I like that she's going to be exposed to dogs from a young age (I wasn't). She is certainly not allowed to do much of anything that you see in that video.

Norma Nunez

That's just not right that those ppl wher encouraging the baby to jump on that poor dog n just laugh about it . But if the dog bit him then they would wont to put him down . No that's bullshit

C. Stauder

If that dog would have torn into that child, just the fact you see, and HEAR the parents encouraging the child and literally at one point the owner assists the dog with lying down by using HIS foot, I would have cheered the dog on! Go for it doggie!

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