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March 24, 2013



The case of the boy bitten after entering the guard dog's yard is a classic example of how very different our dogs are when they are 'home' alone/unsupervised.
It matters not that the dogs and boy were familiar with each other, the dynamic changes drastically when the owner is not present. A degree of stress enters the equation.
You see this sometimes with dog-sitters or people entering a property to feed a neighbour's dogs, or even just visiting.
To a dog you are either a pack member or you are not and some individual dogs are more reactive than others to the insecurity of being alone to make their own decisions so that although outsiders are tolerated when the dogs are relaxed that changes when the situation changes.


Good point Karen. And in this situation, the difference heightend by the fact that the dogs were TRAINED to be aggressive to non-pack members when the dogs were left alone. It is so important to remember the role that the function of the dog has and the role that function has in such attacks.

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