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February 21, 2013



Brent, I would suggest retitling this post from "State House legislation favoring pit bulls moves forward" to "Breed neutral legislation moving forward".

Obviously, given the legislative hurdles that pit bulls face, removing those hurdles is good for pits.

However, all we're looking for is that they have a level playing field. We don't want legislation that favors pit bulls, we just want legislation that puts them on the same level with every other type of dog.


Fair critique. I'll make the change, but for some reason typepad keeps original headers in spite of changes on things like twitter. But you're right on the title change.


OK thanks, I just thought it would be more accurate (and less likely to appear as if anybody is looking for special treatment for pits).

All of those developments are exciting though; when BSL is repealed or prohibited at the state level, that is a big positive.

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