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February 23, 2013


Pamela Almendarez

Thank you for posting positive images of the beautifu. American Pit Bull. They are the best breed ever! It is ashame the media does not think so. Thank you again!

Doris Muller

Great article!

While I can acknowledge the many great works of the HSUS, I was/am appalled at their decision to embrace MV as some sort of role model for young people after his horrifying violence to dogs. Evidence demonstrates that MV got a thrill out of killing his victims by various gruesome means: he did it over and over again. I can understand the HSUS's line of thinking, nonetheless, their decision about the person of MV cannot meet the moral and ethical standards that animal advocacies need to hold true too.

There are plenty of high profile, ethical and morally decent personalities who would have been perfectly suited to the cause.

(Compassion for animals should extend to your plate.)

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