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February 15, 2013


Marie-Odile Fortier

This bill is a great idea. I'm leaning towards monthly reporting being a good thing, because it allows the public to have the most recent history when asking their shelter to change its way or when complimenting a shelter on its progress.

There should be an additional item to report, in my opinion: the primary reason for euthanasia for each pet that was put down. Was the pet unhealthy and untreatable? Was the shelter, and its foster homes, at capacity? Was the pet simply deemed to have been there too long? This information could help in identifying ways to improve practices at the reporting shelters.

The shelter that only puts down unhealthy and untreatable pets is actually saving all the pets that it can humanely save. The shelter that kills because it frequently reaches full capacity needs either greater capacity (new facility, foster recruitment, etc.) or quicker rates of adoption (numerous ways of getting pets seen in public spaces for adoption, reduced fees, reduced barriers to adoption, adoption events or specials, etc.). The shelter that kills most of its pets because of arbitrary reasons like a pet's appearance, age, or duration in the shelter clearly needs reform or new leadership. Knowing the reasons behind instances of euthanasia would help guide the direction for positive change. A shelter reaching towards No Kill would be very vigilant of why certain pets are euthanized and should have this information available.

Marie-Odile Fortier

Of course, I am generalizing when I discuss the different shelters' needs in order to support my point. The real situations are definitely more complicated and other programs, funding, or assistance could be desperately needed. Still, understanding why a shelter euthanizes the pets that it does can help identify how to change things in the best interest of every homeless pet in a shelter's care.


I like the premise of the bill but would like to see it expanded to all "rescue" groups. I know that is a push since many are not taxpayer funded. Yet I am not sure how we can be comfprtable for the animals sake if they are simply "rescued" or "transferred" from a shelter required to report to an unknown fate.


Randy, the bill officially applies to any organization that euthanizes dogs and cats. So any organization responsible for any deaths would have to report their numbers openly.


Brent-I saw that but got confused. Many "rescues" do not EU animals so they would be exempt as I read it. Hence as a reporting orgnization (one that EU's) I could transfer my animals to a non reporting group in or outside of the country and then problem solved. Don't get me wrong, I like the bill but I have also noticed an increasing number of low kill shelters have large numbers of rescues or transfers out (some times approaching 50%) and it makes me wonder. Also, I assume the rescue that EU's would have to self report? Don't get me wrong love the concept.


I read the bill the same way, and I assume that you'd have to self-report EUs. Not certain though.

I love the concept of this...but agree with you that it may not be perfected as of yet.


Brent-Also share your concern with the "non transparency" of 501c3's.


The only reason I mention it is there are some documented cases in LA of animals being shipped to Canada and shown as "live outcomes on LA's books" only to find they were being sent to a "rescue" that attempted to "sell" them at a local Petco. Final disposition of the animals was unknown. Still before I get too far off track I believe it is a great start and if we had good reporting state or nation wide then we could actually see what was going on rather than a bunch of acedotal reporting.

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This bill is great. this can help us to follow up happen to the pet in the shelter hope this bill will be passed

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