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January 15, 2013



Very sad indeed! Interesting trend here though in that in many cases the dog is physically more powerfull than the victim.

H. Houlahan

Obviously I agree about training v. surgery to address aggression.

I would suggest, though, that in cases of such severe aggression, the normal training that we would rely upon to prevent, say, a dog BITE, may be a moot point.

The owners of homicidal dogs tend to be poor behavioral historians, for a variety of reasons. So often all that is left is inference and speculation.


True H. Yes, in the cases of very severe aggression (which was apparent here), even training may not be enough.


I would add an exception to this as I have now had personal experience with it and heard of it from another dog savvy friend whose dog was also tested.
In both cases these male dog's test results for testosterone levels were through the roof.
One dog,a Malinois, became a working police dog however could not be a family pet and was kenneled when off duty. The other, a Doberman, was neutered and became more predictable and was very carefully supervised. AFAIK, there were no further incidents in over a year and the dog died - probably a heart attack. That brings up the theory of "Sudden Rage Syndrome" possibly being a lack of oyxgen due to a flaw in the heart's HIS bundle. (old theory, maybe since disproved?) Just throwing that in there as it came to mind

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