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January 07, 2013


Marie-Odile fortier

That's really excellent! Your last few words made me really curious though... which three days will you not be open? I remember that KCPP was open for July 4th last year and New Year's Day this year! :) I'm going to guess Thanksgiving, Labor Day, and Memorial Day will be the only three days that KCPP will be closed in 2013. Am I close?


Marie -- it's not a done-deal yet and we may make some changes, but right now I'd anticipate that we'll be closed Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter. We will definitely be open for Memorial and Labor Day -- as those are good days for both adopters (and we generally have solid volunteer support since people are off work).


Most excellent and I wish more shelters of all types would be open more often. I'm trying to get No Kill Shelby County in AL off the ground, and one of my goals is to increase the open hours of the humane society. They're closed way too much. They've made a lot of progress since I first moved into the county, and I'm thankful for that, but there's so much more they could be doing to be even better.


You are doing an amazing job - and what strikes me as the most impressive is your collective attitude about doing what is best for the animals. Wish we could bottle that and get it to a lot of other facilities.
My own humane society seems to be okay with what they do because they don't kill for space, but there is so much more they could do, but for some reason don't.
On behalf of all the animals and the people who love them - THANK YOU!!!

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