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December 07, 2012


Sean Toohey

I work for a county agency in Ohio the city I'm in has a city code that restricts the ownership of Pitts. I'm not allowed to enforce city codes only state codes and as of May 28 2012 Ohio has labeled pittbulls the same as any other breed. The city is wrong the dogs should be returned.


Ryan -- I believe the other 30 animals are in safe rescue groups. Unfortunately, even if they are safe, they are taking up kennels that would no doubt be needed for other dogs in those communities.

Joel -- I never imagined that this story would attract so much national attention.

Adrienne -- I think it's important for people to recognize that had people NOT spoken out about this, and spoken out loudly, that the "audits" would still likely be occurring.

Randy -- From my recollection, there wasn't a significant incident that led to the law being put into place -- and that many people came out to oppose the law, but it was passed anyway. Regardless of the reason, passing punitive, archaic legislation that has never proven itself to be an effective solution and is not supported by any expert organization in animal behavior should never have been an option.


Brent-I don't disagree that it maybe "bad" law but the point is for what ever reason it did pass through a vote of elected officials. I can think of several "bad" laws I don't like at the national level but won't go there, lol. I just get concerned when the focus of the aggravation (dare I say anger at some point) tends to focus on those that are required to implement the law when the focus should be on the law makers and a change in the law if needed.


Agree Randy -- that in some cases people in positions to enforce laws sometimes must do so only because it's their job, and not their choosing. However, the idea that they were going door-to-door checking on compliance leads me to believe that they are actively in support of this law -- as that type of enforcement is virtually unheard of in any other type of law enforcement.


It really puts the enforcers in a tough position. If they don't actively enforce the law then they get criticised by those that think they are not doing thier job and maybe complaining about the situation and pointing out the law to them. If they do enforce the law they get criticised by those that don't think the law is right (us for instance). Kind of a no win for them. Just hope the law can be changed to avoid the ambiguity and I hope the energy goes to that end.

Donna Groves

This is utterly ridiculous and needs to be STOPPED immediately!

scott leger

i have a hard time being polite or courteous to people who think pit bulls should be banned or killed, glad to hear this news.Chihuahuas are more vicious than pits. just saying


The article said to protect families from aggressive dogs. Once again if your a pit bull you must be aggressive! Thats a joke, blame the owners not the dogs they arent naturally aggressive thats a learned behavior from stupid people.. rarely do pit bulls in shelters get adopted back out its sad!


So, when do they do an "audit" on German Shepherds, poodles, pugs, beagles, etc??

Keira Fritzen

Thank You so much for this update! I was soooo sad last night. I'm glad the shelter seems to be fighting for the dogs.


I'm glad there was a public outcry and this nonsense didn't get out if hand! I hope people will support a change in sikeston!

Susie Burton

I am grateful that the public attention has caused this situation to change. I am not against animal control, I am against BSL. Let's discuss the DOG'S ACTIONS, not the dog's breed. Let's discuss the OWNER control. Don't remove family dogs who have no issues with the community.

AND, by the way, thank you Trace. Again.

Ladee Diane Campbell

I think this is the most ignorant barbaric cruel thing to do. These dogs are family pets when owned by the right people as I own. I warn people far and wide. My pitbull is like my child and if anyone tries to touch, take, confiscate, round up, harm. abuse, steal, my bully I promise I will defend him like I would my child. I will hurt anyone who messes with my kid.

Ladee Diane Campbell



Did Sikeston audit ALL dog owners to ensure compliance with licensing, vaccination, s/n, etc?
If not, this is discrimination, pure and simple


Randy, I suggest you educate yourself on "breed" specific legislation. How it makes law-abiding dog owners into second-class citizens and kills innocent dogs. How it is a knee-jerk, unfounded, unjust, vague, shoddy, ineffective and fiscally irresponsible reaction to the issue of dangerous dogs in a community.


Here's the city trying to cover its butt:

not a round up? Hmm..... then why did the shelter make the (very laudable) effort to empty 30 kennels in anticipation of seized pit bulls?

It was just "luck" that the reporter was interested in this story.. that's what stopped the "audit". For now. They'll just continue at a later date. Only a lawsuit on the "no option other than seizure for noncompliance" issue will stop them.

And it's sad to me that so many of the commentators here seem unaware that FAR WORSE happens in locations like Commerce City, Colorado.... EVERY DAY. Have people already forgotten poor Chloe, the "not even an APBT" dog tased multiple times and then shot to death? Just last week.


I have to take you to task on the first blog post you wrote on the same topic. Inaccurate account, not researched to the point of being factual, and as it turns out missing some key information. Don't get me wrong, this event is unfair and horrendous and three dogs collected is three dogs too many. I completely oppose breed descrimination. However, when blog posts like your original one are written in an inflaming and inaccurate way, it hurts everyone in the animal welfare industry by making us look unprofessional. Please, in the future, lots and lots of research before publishing as fact.

Christie Keith

I love you because you shared good news, but I love you MORE for doing fact-checking. You rock.

Beth Mersten Cruz

Thank you for posting the update ... very informative


Social-I don't suppport breed specific legislation. Looks like to me as others have pointed out that the individual animals/owners behavior should be the focus not the breed. That said I have a hard time blaming the people charged with enforcing such legislation if their elected officials passed it.

Siobhra DeWar

I hope all the people who see this understand why us gun owners fight against registration. When we say that it could lead to the government rounding up the guns we are laughed at. Yet if the dog owners had been paying attention and fought back to prevent the law this could never have happened.


This doesn't make it better ! Animal control auditing, human society round up. NAZI'S!!!!! Murdering SS also did auditing and round ups !!!!


Theresa --

I'll note that I had 3 separate sources (all fairly reliable)for the first piece (one of my sources was the news report, which also had multiple sources that were different than mine). While the information may not have ended up as exactly what happened, there is little reason to believe, based on the actions of the shelter and the interviews, that this isn't what started out, and ended up as something else following the public outcry. And the city is claiming it was a "simple drive by" and yet by their own numbers about 12% of the pit bulls in the city were confiscated that day, and at least one other person had to talk her way into keeping her dog.

As with most things, there are probably 3 sides to every story, but I'm not believing the city's version of this either at this point, as they're the only ones telling that story.


Siobra, from my understanding, more than a few folks have been standing up against this law for awhile...but it's why all of us need to stand up for everyone's rights, even if we're directly unaffected; or the will of the majority will always take away rights of the minority - -whether they're dog owners, gun owners, minorities, gays or whatever. Society has shown this over and over.

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