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December 07, 2012



I rescued a pit bull/mixed, We live in America, not a hitler ran country! Dogs are like people, u treat them the way u want them to treat u!
The pit bull is NOT a mean breed at all, it's all in the way the human raises it!
Mine is a big baby n a big sissy! She thinks she is a lap puppy! giggle.
She loves kids n licks the day lights out of them!
How about other breds, ex Germanshepards,
doberman's, etc... they all had a bad reps! But all the sudden they r out of the spot light??
Come try n take my baby away! HA HA to u bunch that think they can! I live in America not some 3th world country that is told what to do!


Christie, you are very kind. I will say that getting "facts" in this situation is a bit of a moving target. Actually, the facts remain pretty clear, the motivations are up for debate...


Emily S -- still trying to figure out how a "drive by audit" resulted in more than 10% of the city's pit bulls in the shelter. The city's story doesn't completely add up either...


Very few people and NO Government officials care about the killing of "innocent dogs". I wish people would stop talking about dogs like they are kids. They are NOT. They are private property and that is how we should look at them. There are a lot of strong laws in this country about private property of citizens. START USING THOSE LAWS to defend ourselves. STOP talking about your sweetums who loves everyone and how you spoon and snuggle every night. NO ONE CARES.


Honestly Laura, I think you're wrong. While I love the idea that property rights are strong in this country, it's simply not true. Government controls your property in countless different ways -- in most places your car has to pass emission standards, your house has to be kept in a proper fashion and up to neighborhood standards through codes, you can't leave junk cars parked in your front lawn, etc, etc.

Granted, they still cannot TAKE your private property from you without a warrant and due process, which does need to change.

The more compelling story for a government official is that of fear....and in this case, it's the fear of someone's dog. The government can and does regulate private property in order to maintain public safety. In order to win this, we must get authorities to see them as being dogs, and pets, and parts of the family that are being ripped from people's homes because of ridiculous legislation. They're more than property, because we have an emotional attachment to them that does not exist with most property.

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