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December 06, 2012


carla jean page

i,ve contacted shorty rossi at shortywood productions at animal planet to see if he can help or if there is anything he can do to help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Susan Schneider

It is absolutely incredible to think that the police, dog catchers have nothing better to do then invade people's privacy and steal family members. If this isn't stopped it will only be the beginning of something much worse. Stand strong. Keep posting everywhere so others join
in this cause.


I'm sorry but instead of "rounding up" the dogs, maybe you need to take a CLOSER LOOK at their OWNERS! This is horrible & am m glad I don't live here!

damon burks

People of Sikeston act surprised??? One of the most corrupt towns around since the fall of Cairo Ill.Run by the rich and funded by the poor,do yourselves a favor,get out of there while you can,it will NEVER get any better...


I wanted to find and comment on a few blogs that may have this in hopes maybe someone else from that city will read it.

I was born in Sikeston, Missouri. I lived in Benton, Missouri afterwards. (Since Benton didn't have a hospital then.) I now live in Iowa and I was hoping to move back one day.

Upon finding out about this "Hitler like" reign I'm appalled and disgusted. Only someone extremely uneducated could ever order a mass genocide such as this on ANY animal.

(I'm sorry, did whoever ordered this mass collection of dogs get bored down there because racism and sexism is illegal? Do you have nothing BETTER TO DO?)

Too bad I have to go through Sikeston to get to my grandfathers grave, or I'd never set foot in that God awful town ever again. But, I can assure you I will not be moving back there now. (: I would've rioted, demanded my dog back, and left that crappy place. (&& before you get mad, obviously I'm talking about the people who ordered it, or carried it out and not anyone who didn't have anything to do with it. If you helped carry it out you're just as bad.)

Not only is this MORALLY wrong it's CONSTITUTIONALLY wrong. Who cares if a few people didn't comply to a few dog laws. THAT DOESN'T MEAN you take the rights of everyone else and KILL their family member. That is screwed up on all kinds of levels!


Taqman -- a couple of quick notes:

#1) The information I reported was information initially reported by a reputable news source -- and while some of the report may be exaggerated at this point, there also is reason to believe that the situation would have been worse and the seizures would have continued had the news report of what was happening and the subsequent backlash not happened. I think many in small towns like this think things can happen without anyone knowing about it.

2) I've updated the information (which is more than any of the news sources have done). I have put it in the original post (vs take it down) in order to reach the maximum number of people possible with the most up-to date information.


When will the officials realize the dog owners who gave these lovely dogs this horrific reputation are the ones to blame. They are the ones who should be rounded up and punished and or shot! Why are the kind family friendly non aggressive pit bull / pit look alikes the ones paying the price!
I really thought this country was trying to STOP discrimination! Guess not.


TagMan3: The update does not change the fact that people (citizens) are subject to having their constitutional rights violated simply due to to what type of dog they prefer to own!

the regulation reads: "Any dog found to be the subject of a violation of this Article shall be subject to immediate seizure and impoundment."

problems with this:

1. how does the city define "pit bull" - if you cannot positively identify the property that is in violation or subject to the law, the law is too vague to be enforced. Why? because some property that is subject to the law will be missed due to mis-identification and some property that is NOT subject to the law will be included due to mis-identification.
"appearance is subjective and open to interpretation, which gives ... (Government) ... too much discretion over what constitutes a vicious dog ...and thus violates the ... citizens ... constitutional rights (of due process)"

2. immediate seizure - meaning "we come onto your homestead and take your private property without due process". Totally on an its face completely violates the rights of citizens to be free of unlawful search and seizure, and their rights to due process which are CONSTITUTIONALLY guaranteed.

The Fourteenth (14th) Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America imposes the 4th Amendment upon the states and to law enforcement agents within the states. Unreasonable searches and seizures are prohibited; reasonable searches are not prohibited. The 14th Amendment rights to privacy do not extend into every aspect of a person's private affairs.

Police need not advise you of your rights
Police are not responsible for advising you of your rights to refuse an illegal search. They are not required to tell you if and when they can make a permissible search. Police need not tell you that you can withhold permission for them to enter your home, nor that police have a right to seize anything in plain view.

The update may provide some happy news, but these two themes remain.

steve mcbrian

you got to be kidding me !! what is a "pit bull type" dog's with bullbog in it or dogs with terrier in it ?? who makes up thees fucked up laws !! probably someone who has never owned a dog !! i have owned over 100 pit bulls in my life and not one of them has ever bit anyone !! the people who makes up thees laws are a bunch of fools !! you can display my name if you like.


You know... The city hall contact info is available on the Sikeston city website... Perhaps some civilly constructed, educational letters / emails from the concerned pit bull community to the mayor would be helpful?

Pam Warren

My daughter has a pitt bull and all he wants is just to be with you and loved. His name is Cobain and he is just a big baby. It's not the breed of dog it's just that some people should not have pets.

Tim we live in the United States?
Isn't there this thing called the Constitution?
Who are the REAL terrorist that we should be afraid of?
Fundamentalists from a foreign land?
Or our own government???
Who is protecting us?


Seeing as how they want to remove pit bulls or anything with the pit mix in them then they need to start removing more breeds!! Great Danes, Boxers, English Bulldogs, Bullmastiff, English Mastiff, American Bulldog, Olde English Bulldog, French Bulldogs and yes even BOSTON TERRIERS!!! These are just some of the breeds who have "pit" in them!! Not to mention Fox Terriers are part of what breed it takes to make the "pit" breed. So STOP targeting Pit Bulls and their mixes!! This is unconstitutional!!!!


I have an idea: Instead of criminalizing the town of Sikeston and calling them all poor you might want to do some fact checking first. Did you even call the City Manager or Mayor. Because if you did you would have realized that it was three dogs that were taken because they were out of control and some dogs from the area shelter were moved to the St. Louis area into no kill shelters. Should not you be happy that animals were moved to shelters were they can actually be kept alive. So next time you want to blow a story way out of proportion get your facts straight. And by the way with over 65% of the population living ABOVE the poverty line doesn't make us a POOR community.

Bernadine Culp

This is crap....I thought we lived in the United States Of America...


Alice, if you click on the "update" link you will see I acknowledge the number of dogs taken. This initial blog was based on the media report (that I linked to) and is as factually accurate based on the info at the time (and the media claims they DID try to reach the city, but did not have calls returned). I did update with the new information.

And yes, the other dogs were transferred to no kill shelters in St. Louis. While I certainly applaud the Sikeston Humane Society for exploring that option (great job on their part), it is taking space that could be used for animals in the St. Louis area (which is far from a No Kill city).

And I'm sorry, but when your community has nearly triple the % of the population living below the poverty line as the national average, that is a poor community. Certainly poorer than average.

Sandy Evans

This is NOT sport, but inhumane, cruel, depraved behavior, by some very sick idiots, who derive some perverse sense of pleasure by making them suffer and fight till death comes!! OMG....May God have mercy on your souls!!


I have a one year purebred female, the kindest most gentle, sweet baby she is, minds very well, never leaves our property,


This is pure ignorance. If your going to round up perceived dangerous creatures and all pitbulls are dangerous by the mistakes of a few, then shouldn't we round up all muslims. They must be judged as dangerous because of the actions of a few as well shouldn't they? Ingorance is stupidity. That is what is obviously going on here. May God have mercy on them for harming innocent creatures.


As an owner of 3 Rottweilers, I have a little different take on this story. The white woman who claimed she was able to keep her dog if she complied with regulations ie, homeowners insurance , posting beware of sign dogs, leashed, etc....that is called responsible dog ownership people!!! I live in a city where there are NO restrictions and guess what I have beware of dogs signs posted, pad locks on my gates, city licenses, homeowners insurance on my dogs and they are never out in public unleashed . Instead of getting upset with the city, maybe we should get upset with the owners!!! The black woman didn't even state in what medium her dog was seized. Did they just go into her home and take the dog?? This story is fishy on several levels. Im against banning any breed of dog, but owners have an obligation to look out for their dogs by being responsible and not putting their dog in a position to be taken.


Everyone who complains about this, but voted for the Barackstar, do yourselves a favor and just punch yourselves in the genitals, once. This is exactly what people who voted against Obama voted against (tautology I know). Government fucking with citizen's private property rights. This comment goes to my ex as well (who I hope will read this.) Also, definitely not drawing any connection between the election and this.

Stephanie Ortona

They can't legally come into your house without a search warrant. Get your dogs and Otherwise you may not have a dog anymore.


Dogs are raised mean not born....


this is absolutely ridiculous! it saddens me!

Penny Karr

Going into people's homes and forcibly taking away their dogs? Family pets they've had for years? I think somebody needs to lock you people up for impersonating humans. Talk about a "pit bull" mentality! :-(

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