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December 06, 2012



Are you saying that we have been turned so completely into Sheep that we don't know that we do not have to allow Government to confiscate our private property? Really??

If people are that out of touch with their rights as a citizen of this country then we have a LOT bigger problems than a few dogs getting rounded up!!!


Honestly Laura, I think it is a very major social issue. But in spite of that, people do not deserve to be taken advantage of by their government.


They do deserve it and that is exactly what they will get if they are ignorant to their own rights. That's why we have RIGHTS and a Constitution - So that every citizen understands and knows their rights to protect themselves from the tyranny of Government.

Government will always err on the side of over-stepping their bounds. It is the RESPONSIBILITY of the Citizenry to push the Government back and make them acknowledge their limitations and boundaries on infringing on the liberties of the Citizens.


I agree it is the responsibility of the citizens to know their rights -- but what I'm saying is that government shouldn't be tyranical and they shouldn't have to know their rights to keep their pets from being taken away -- even if having that knowledge is their responsibility.


I disagree. This is typical Government behavior that we as citizens have a responsibility to understand and guard against at all times.

This will get worse before it gets better. and I am not just talking about dogs. Mark my words - know your rights.


One can only hope that those "officials" involved with the passing of this ordinance will pay a steep price at the next election. If not :shame: of those in this community that allow their fellow citizens to be targeted, profiled and treated like this.


This isnt true! I called the Police Dept. and the public safty commission! They said it isn't happening in their town or any near them, someone got false information!

kerry Clair

Brent - can we rescues join forces to help? I can get money behind transport and I can get rescues to step up to take dogs? Would this help?? Can we mass deport them and save them? Please contact me:

I can't sit by and do nothing. Do you have any contacts we can reach out to and make a connection with until these people can fight this?


Gabrielle, the person who is the Director of the Sikeston Humane Society (which handles intake for the city) confirmed it was going on today on facebook earlier today.

Kerry -- here is the contact info for the Sikeston HS if you would like to reach out to them directly to help:

Regina Lakhal

That is messed up they should not have a law like that and the families should be able to keep their dogs no matter the breed. I own a Pit Bull Dog and no one is taking my dog.

Karen Nick

What is wrong with you people..HELLO there is crime out there; people killing people,breaking in homes,stores etc. And all you all have to focus on is poor family dogs. People losing their jobs everyday,a lot of people only have their family dogs to make them happy!! How stupid are you?? Really...

carl Garrett

This is horrible I have two American Bull Terriers not "PIT" BULL pit only came around from the ingnorant and cruel people that threw them in a pit to fight for there life.They are the most loveing and loyal well behaved breeds I have ever raised and I have raised a few.Theyy just enter to control all of are chooses.Totoly in humane and just plane Crikey.

carl Garrett

Sorry I ment they just want to control all of are chooses.Totaly in humane and just plain crule.


Get RID of your city clowncil people! Signing a petition does NOTHING! Get together, have a recall of the idiots who are in favor of this activity and get yourselves a better city government!
Maybe even get yourselves a gun and let them know they ARE NOT allowed in your house to take what belongs to you. YOU ARE ALLOWED TO PROTECT LIVES AND PROPERTY. WHEN YOUR HOME IS BEING INVADED, YOU ARE PERMITTED TO SAY NO WAY!

Audrey Feddick

Outrageous and unforgiveable!!!!! These are pets that are being rounded up in Sikeston MO. Watch out. This is like Nazi Germany. Read about the pit bull roundup in Sikeston MO.


How do people allow this happen to their dogs? Come in to my yard and touch my dog, I'll be digging you a nice retirement hole in the back yard.


First of all it is breaking Federal law, the have restrictions. You just can not go and confiscate on animal on his looks they have no BSL law they have restrictions which you have to follow. There has been numerous court cases won Westboro NY, Toledo Oh, Washington, on the basis that what was done was illegal. Second it is almost Christmas and they are pulling family pets away from families, families with children, these people are reprehensible, and I can see the analogy of Nazi Germany but going to extreme is allowable when it is such a heinous crime these 6 city council members are pulling. Myself I would be sitting on the courthouse steps screaming to high heaven about the stupidity. I would have the news crews and whoever else would listen, but this is Sikeston, Mo. The city fathers are hoping that their citizens will sit back and wring their hands and say so what can we do? And many will do nothing. That will be the biggest mistake of all doing nothing. And the murderers will get by with it.


Brent, Ted and Tom I am with you. I have had two pits from rescue and have four beagles. I have had to fight BSL and agree the people who came out screaming about Nazi's didn't help our cause and in fact made the entire group seem ignorant and hysterical. I agree I think BSL is bull crap and that as an owner I would be hysterical if someone demanded to have my pet that we love and are responsible for. I would be surprised if a cop showed up and randomly tried to take my dogs, so I don't know what I would do. I do wonder about the registration list but most counties DO require licensing of your dog which also is a county revenue. It's suspect. Keep a level head, get facts and fight for your pets. Good luck!

Eddie Lott

As a native Sikestonian, I am appalled at this action. I now live in South Carolina and have a boxer mix that "looks" bullish. Here in SC they would have to confiscate all the guns (maybe that's next in Sikeston) before they even tried anything like taking "citizens" pets! Every family member in Sikeston will get a "Save the Pit Bulls and euthanize the City Council" card this Christmas!!


The comment above about warrants when it comes to property is spot on. Might as well make them do their job the right way, the constitutional way.

The comment made me think of this doormat.


Perhaps Sikeston should round up anyone who looks like an animal control officer, because they clearly are heartless serial killers.

Ted Moore

"It's so absurd, many people don't think it would ever happen."

To keep this nonpartisan, take a look over your shoulder at the 21st century as it's played out so far, then get back to me on that thought.

Point being, those of us engaged, to whatever extent, in the politics and business of animal welfare should never underestimate, a) the willingness of public officials to exploit ignorance and fear to win votes, power and financial support, and b) the willingness of a distracted, fearful, poorly-informed electorate to trade its, and your, freedom for the promise of comfort and security.

On to the next battle. Good luck to the good people, and good dogs, of Sikeston.


This is horrible.

Rebecca K

This is where owning a gun would come in handy......come in my house an try an take my dogs an ur gonna get a bullet right between ur eyes! I cannot believe we live in a country where this goes on! It's infuriating disgusting an appalling that the citizens of this ignorant town have to go through....every single one of their elected officials needs to be round up....along with any other ignorant person an shipped to a concentration camp in really see they are NO DIFFERENT than the Nazi's!


Nobody would come into my home to get my pits. God, this pisses me off.

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