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December 06, 2012



its kinda funny how our government makes a family pet illegal, but let crooked politicians and police violate our rights over and over. so politicians steal, lie, and cheat. police use prejudice laws to violate our rights, but pits are bad. ok wheres the pile of politicians and police?

Cherie Kamps

It is horrid to KILL & MURDER any animal. They are killing Pitt Bulls just because of their bad wrap. . . .why are they taking the good family Pittbulls. . . .My daughter has a Pittbull & it is the nicest Pittbull, smart & so family oriented. It would NOT harm anyone & we all love her dog. To kill an anmial with no record of biting or harming anyone should be illegal. I love Pittbulls & Parolees as she saves dogs that are going to be killed, they all get a second chance!

Shawna Sabol

This is completely outrageous...Pit bulls have a bad rep because a few of them have become aggressive but most of these dogs are loving gentle dogs. The sad part is that this kind of thing can happen with any kind of dog...It's not the dog it's the way they are raised!!! German Shepard are know for biting people don't see people rounding them up and killing them do ya? Any dog can become aggressive if not raised right lets put the blame where it belongs with the people who breed fighting dogs and not with the dogs....This is sickening!!!

Randy G. Heise

WOW! This IS a most disturbing and terrible story...if it was only true.


Its not the dogs I have a female pit its the owners if you want to round up anything round up the owners not the dogs fault its how there raised the dog more scared of you then you are of them killing family pets is like killing your kids how's that justice

Mickey Buczak

It's very sad. Before you know it, it'll be any dog in any state.


Who Wants to join me in having a handful of uniformed shirts with the swastika emblem on the chest and sending it to them? This is a blatant reenactment of the Holocaust all over again!!!!

Kevin Marcy

This is truly sickening, and the direct result of clearly misinformed politicians appeasing to the will of a community that is also grossly misinformed about the true nature of this wonderful breed. I'm disgusted that something such as this can be allowed in this country, in this day and age!!! What have "we" as a society become. The only thing vicious in this community are the township leaders allowing this to happen. Please folks....appeal to the higher courts, and stop this infringement upon people's Constitutional Rights.

keith royer

if you come to take my dogs be prepared to deliver several folded flags to the wives of those sent to act like Nazi's. When the government no longer serves the people it is their right, no, duty to remove such government from power.


that's always the process. First they insist you register your dog. Then they come for it, because they know you are law-abiding and know exactly where your dog is. The criminals, the abusers? Oh no, that would require actual POLICE WORK to shut down and more risk. So the same people who were the problem to begin with keep on doing exactly as they please, animals suffer and are murdered for no purpose except to enable pols to pat themselves on the back and crow they "did something". Never mind that BSL has not reduced dog bites in any place it has been enacted. Often it goes UP because the responsible owners no longer have their animals and the criminal/abusive element still do.




This is the law in wpg....I had a pitbull in the late 90's.....

Amanda a

Being from Sikeston, this makes me so happy someone understands!! Our city leaders are crooked, narrow minded people. I'm looking to rescue a pet but I can't even get one of the many many needy pit bull puppies that need homes because of the restrictions here in Sikeston! It breaks my heart. Something HAS to be done..

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