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December 06, 2012



What an affront to people's liberty and private property! Where are we - 1940's Germany? This is SOME SCARY STUFF PEOPLE!! I hope those citizens are marching on their seat of Government with pitchforks and torches and not just sitting behind their computer screens filling out petitions!!!!


Yeah, but make sure you don't mention Nazis or anything because that might brand you as a lunatic.

This is disgusting. It all is.

Diane A

This is EXACTLY what happened in NAZI GERMANY! They took people's guns and dogs. WAKE UP AMERICA!


Absolutely sickening and horrifying.

Crystal Clark

This really breaks, absolutely breaks my heart! I feel so sorry for the families of these dogs & the dogs themselves! HOW in the hell can they do this? It's not even LEGAL for them to do this, cops or no cops!


I know Crystal. It's sad and it is illegal. I think many people panic when they see people in uniform but they do need to stand up for their rights and their pets in these cases. But even though seizures are often allowed under veils of "public safety" -- courts done smile upon violating search and seizure laws...


I'm not even clear on what grounds they are stealing these pets. Pit bulls are restricted, but not banned, there.

Jeff S

Just say no , refuse to open the door . Witout a warrant , this cannot be done


Absolutely disgusting you people should go to hell


And another thing the people that are going the roundup of bullys and these people actually put the needle in them I hope you die absolutely trouble miserable and Horrific death


I won't sign the petition because it is not focused on the REAL problem here. Government agents storming into people's homes and CONFISCATING THEIR PRIVATE PROPERTY!! Were there even warrants? This is what we are fighting!! This isn't even about DOGS folks! This is about Government overstepping their bounds.

Russ Whiteman

Crystal, I would agree that this kind of activity is morally wrong, reprehensible and disgusting, but the legality doesn't have anything to do with those qualities. Unless there's a constitutional right being violated, it quite likely -is- perfectly legal. If you don't like it (and I would think no decent person would or should), then work towards getting the current city council that passed the law retired during the next election.

BTW, I don't see the slightest connection between this stupidity and Nazi Germany either. Such hysterical hyperbole serves only to cheapen the discussion.


This whole situation from the beginning where any "Pit-type" dogs must be registered.....sounds like a 100% ploy to find out who and where those dogs were and lived.
All a complete runaround and endrun for the true purpose of the law they originally wanted........ to " KILL ALL PIT-TYPE DOGS". If no one else can see this and help stop the killing of beloved FAMILY PETS.....NOT MONSTERS, that is one true travisty of any and all Animal Rights Activists..... even 1 single voice speaking up and spreading this can make a true difference when the right person/ people get the message. We CANNOT LET THIS KEEP HAPPENING ......REMEMBER LENNOX AND ALL THOSE OTHER DOGS THAT HAVE ALREADY PAID WITH THEIR LIVES. DO NOT LET THEM OR THEIR SEVERLY SHORTENED LIVES BE FOR NOTHING..... MAKE SURE THE PEA-BRAINED ASSHOLES THAT MAKE THEMSELVES FEEL LIKE THEY HAVE THE POWER OVER THE KILLING OFF OF AN ENTIRE SPECIES FOR NOT A SINGLE REASON.

We must change laws to protect the public from the idiot dog owners who are not responsible. Big fines and if not corrected, imprisonment. Bad parents should be responsible for bad children and bad pet owners must be help responsible for their failure to train and care for their pets. No one breed is worse than another.


This is pure bull shit. I owen 2 pit bulls and I wouldn't owen any other breed. If illinoise were to pass a law like this I would have to be tazered and taken to jail b4 I let them take my dogs! I love the breed their loyalty and the. Big heart these dogs have!


This is disgusting and yes, the people have nazi mentalities. I do not understand how the dogs are taken, though. The baby of our family is a six year old APBT and it would be over my dead body that someone would take her.


Dear God!!! When will this end?!?!?!? Are they now going to decide to round up all black cats because they are riddled with superstition and witchcraft?!?!? Idiotic comment??...Yup... so is this entire school of thought. The hysteria is unfounded. When are people going to use their damn brains and understand there aren't problem breeds. Every animal has a personality and mannerism, just like a human. I hope these residents stand up and protect their beloved pets.

Donna Malone

this is crazy they would have to shoot me to take my dogs

Ted Moore

It's difficult not to connect this clearly, in my view, "unreasonable seizure" to the abrogations of constutional protections that characterize the current cultural and political environment. But we should, I think, to avoid being perceived as hysterical or overwrought. Were I to campaign for City Council in that community, my first challenge to my incumbent opponent would be to explain why he or she condoned the heartless theft of property, without due process, from the children of poor (minority, if applicable) families. That would be followed by a question about whether the next initiative would be to confiscate power tools from more well-to-do citizens, since my guess is more injuries were casued this year by those than pit bulls. Learn to speak the simplistic, populist language of modern politics, and watch the votes come your way.


Please explain to me where else in our laws as a state or a nation that the Government is allowed to come into your house and seize your private property without due process?? NAME ONE!

Is this like Nazi Germany? Oh hell yes. Do you think they STARTED by rounding up Jews and taking them to the gas chambers? No. First they eroded the rights of the citizens in numerous and small ways. The erosion of the rights of citizens is what led to the killing of millions of human beings.

Yes it's an extreme example. But it started in this same place: GOVERNMENT AGENTS STORMING PEOPLE'S HOMES AND TAKING THEIR PRIVATE PROPERTY.

And how did they identify the dogs as being part of the "restricted class"? Did they just "gut feel it"? If they can't positively ID what needs to be seized but instead just seize it because "in my personal OPINION it's part of the restricted class" and take it based on that? WOW

If you can't see this as an erosion of your personal liberty and an affront to your rights as a citizen of this country we will NEVER stop this. We err because we are WAY TOO NICE and we lay down and take it.


Agreed Ted. I think it is incredibly important to balance the outrage of hearing this type of story with a message that is compelling to others to help create change. And yes, the theft of property (or, the breaking up of families from their beloved pets)without due process should shake up a lot of people -- and yes, targeting the poor(let's face it, they're not targeting anyone who can afford a decent lawyer) is also something government should not do.

Emily S -- I'm with you. For the life of me I can't figure out exactly why the dogs are being confiscated.

I'm at least grateful that the shelter director has a soul and is wanting to do right by the dogs that are being forced into his care.


Laura, in fairness, there hasn't been a report of authorities breaking and entering and seizing without a warrant...the reports thus far have been them taking them from people who knowingly gave them up. People need to understand what their rights are to hold authorities accountable.

Tom Featherstone

Even if they pass a law to ban something, wouldn't people who already legally own the dogs be grandfathered in? I would have to be shot to take my dogs.


"Laura, in fairness, there hasn't been a report of authorities breaking and entering and seizing without a warrant...the reports thus far have been them taking them from people who knowingly gave them up. People need to understand what their rights are to hold authorities accountable."

If you've been a pit bull owner for any length of time in the past 20 years you have to have SOME clue as to the issues around BSL.

People who don't know and understand their private property rights and rights to due process deserve to lose their stuff.

I feel sorry for the dogs. The "citizens" got what they deserved. That's all I'm gonna say about that.


Sorry, the "citizens" don't deserve this either. I think a lot of people have never even considered the idea that the government would just come and take their pets away from them. It's so absurd, many people don't think it would ever happen.

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