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November 08, 2012


stop slavery

Dear Cretin, you can change your name, but it doesn't hide your vicious, violent, psychotic personality. Cretin is a good name for you.


Cretin - Where do you live that you have HUNDREDS of cats on your land? I'm very saddened to think that you live this way. That's not a normal environment. My father owns a ranch and while they have a few cats, they by no means have hundreds (maybe because he traps and neuters them on site). They also don't have a rodent problem. I think it's awful that you were living in such squalid conditions. It saddens me that anyone living in this country would be stuck in such a horrible environment. Also, I'm concerned - if you own land, you don't live in the city. This means that "HUNDREDS" of cats have to come from somewhere. What is driving them to your property when there are many other places to go? That's a large number of cats to have in one area. Is someone dumping them? In which case, we need to get to the source. That source isn't going to suddenly and magically stop. "Hundreds" is a lot of cats - and they have to come from somewhere. They don't appear out of thin air. So why are they suddenly no longer on your land? That's puzzling to me. People aren't going to stop dumping and cats aren't going to stop reproducing when you started with high numbers like that. Are you perhaps exaggerating a bit? Or are they just getting better at not being seen anymore because of being shot on sight? That would explain why the rodents are no longer around.

You're never going to get rid of the source because you're always going to have people who don't keep their cats indoors or people who dump their cats when they are no longer wanted. Shoot as many strays as you see and there will always be more because you're just not dealing with the source of the problem - people.

stop slavery

Jennie, save your emotions for legitmate. issues. This person is a psychotic anti-cat joy killer. Read his previous comments under the name Firstname Lastname. Perhaps he gets cats from various sources just to torture and kill them.


"If one of my dogs kills a bird or other creature, I traumatize the dog over the incident."

Wow. FL isn't the only extremist on this thread. Good to know you punish your dog for being a dog. Those who can't understand carnivorous animals shouldn't own carnivorous animals.


TNR Con Game, Nature Advocate and now apparently also known as Educating the Cretins.

Not only is this guy an idiot but he is also ugly. What a terrible and unfortunate combination. No wonder he is so full of hate.


Nature_Advocate/TNR Con Game, Cretin, etc. is actually James Munn Stevenson

Crime: Serial cat killer. Has previously been arrested and charged with shooting cats.

Occupation: Ornithologist

Bio: The founder of the Galveston Ornithological Society and leads bird-watching tours on this Gulf Coast island 60 miles southeast of Houston. Serial animal abuser and killer.

Web site:



Why not just kill the stray cats? In Australia the only good cat is a dead one. Cats kill native wildlife. If you own a cat it's illegal for it to be out on the loose. It's a feral cat, don't feed it, destroy it.


There are a whole host of reasons not to kill the stray cats:

1) Why would we value the lives of birds over the lives of cats? That doesn't make sense, as both have the right to live.

2) Because it would take an immense amount of taxpayer money to afford to round up that quantity of cats and kill them (and most people would NOT want their tax money used that way).

3) Because in pretty much every community that has tried to end the stray cat "problem" by rounding up and killing cats has failed to decrease the feral cat populations even after years, sometimes decades, of killing cats.

4) It doesn't work as a form of population control.

John McDermott

Yeah, I don't get the hysteria either over feral cats. TNR is the only effective and humane way of handling these outdoor cats without resorting to costly trap-and-kill.

radar mike

Its humans who are a disease to the nature. THe disconnected humans isolate themselves form nature, and consider all that is 'natural' as nuisance. Cats hunt birds, its made that way by nature. Arrogant humans decide cats are nuisance because they just cannot accept nature the way it is ,and forget they themselves are part of nature and perhaps other animals consider humans as big nuisance. disconnected they bury themselves in their tvs, news, self images, so called religons, or even dry science that never takes into account CONSCIOUSNESS one life that animates all life. All life is interconnected. If humans are irritated by a cat that pees in their yard or a squirrel that simply climbs a tree then humans need to find a planet where only robots exists along side them. Thank fully not all humans are robotic. Our laws are mostly ROBOTIC. thanks to robotic humans. Disconnected and lost in their mind made realities. Spend lot of money on christmas lights and buying presents but ignore the god or life that lives in other animals that are part of nature, this is human condition. superficial and shallow. Its arrogant of us to think that cats are nuisance. They are a gift. If one is intelligent enough to poke their heads out of their mind made superficial reality they may discover something amazing ,- connection with all life. Conscious intelligence that does not designate animals as less than instead as equals who are having unique experience. Disconnected humans are a burden on this earth and still earth tolerates them but perhaps not for long. If mother earth as consciousness wanted to eliminate humans so that other animals can enjoy being here , she can do that by simply altering her magnetic fields. Arrogant stupid humans are lost in their illusion of control while they absolutely have no control whatsoever. Th argument that feral cats carry disease or affect negatively etc etc etc is laughable. Such humans who believe in these arguments are afraid to step out on to the green grass , or soil their feet or roll on the earth or touch anything that is natural. they are comfortable with their plastics and gadgets and blindly chase the idea of fulfillment in conceptual reality while ignoring the fulfillment that is present in mother nature. Guess what disconnected humans? The earth is shifting. Her consciousness now supports only the actions born out of love and connection and intelligence. The unintelligent stupid human laws that are made to consider animals as nuisance and humans as the top of the chain is going to crumble. For nature is animals, you disconnected human are also an animal whether you believe in your tiny ignorant mind or not , you are still an animal that is made of and influenced by elements such as water, fire , earth , air. So no you are not above nature. If you are troubled by natural life outside of your home. just shut the blinds, and stay inside and turn on your tv and pretend that you exist on mars. The reality is this is earth , home other creatures beside you.

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