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October 21, 2012


Karen F

Just wanted to note that Tamara Lush, AP correspondent at the wire service's Tampa Bay bureau, has done a profile of Jim Crosby, published over the weekend: "Criminal canines' lives in hands of dog-bite forensic expert."

It has presumably been picked up by papers around the country . . . I read it here:

Roberta Beach

I posted Not Good Enough to my facebook page so anyone reading will know I am flexible in adoption; if not, I would not have dogs as I'm not married and started with no fence....just lots and lots of walking and personal time.


Thanks Karen -- great article. And yes Roberta, I understand. I think many organizations in town would deny me from adopting based on blanket principals.


I was wondering where all the traffic to the post suddenly came from. Thanks so much for sharing it here! I've always been a huge fan of what you do here and have followed your blog for quite some time so I feel very honored that the post was linked to over here.


*squeak* Thanks so much for linking to Team Unruly! We're huge fans of your blog and really appreciate the influx of traffic. As you can see, lots of us have pit bulls and bully mixes, so we're big advocates for responsible dog ownership and opponents of BSL.


Michelle and Bex -- thanks for a great post. It really is completely in line with how I feel about adoptions and that we need to work harder at finding good matches for people's lifestyles instead of putting blanket policies in place to prevent extreme situations.


re: kids running from dogs.

A mastiff owning friend of mine recently had an experience that horrified her: She lives across the street from a popular park with children's play equipment. A van with a woman (who appeared to be the grandmother rather than the mother though she didn't ask) and two kids parked along the street infront of her house.

A girl got out, saw the mastiff in the front yard, SCREECHED and turned and ran across the street (infront of traffic), screaming the whole way. The boy saw the mastiff, and asked the woman if he could pet the dog, the woman grabbed his hand dragged him across the street (without checking for traffic) telling him that you NEVER pet dogs, ALWAYS run scream and run away as fast as you can!!

My friend was horrified to put it mildly. Of all the behaviors to react with, running away is a VERY good way to get the dog to chase....

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